Tips for online learners

Tip 1: Time Management 

Time management is crucial to your success in an online degree program. Having no required meeting times means that you can do homework and participate at whatever time of day works best for you. Many students will log in on a daily basis to catch up on reading or discussion questions while setting aside larger chunks of time on two or three days a week, or even several short times per day, to work on their homework projects.  Learn more about how a typical online student fits school into their busy work/life schedule.

Tip 2: Participation and Discussions

Our discussion forums act as virtual classrooms and tend to be hubs of activity, providing an outlet for questions to be asked as well as personal perspectives and relevant experiences to be shared. One of the great opportunities with online classrooms is that the playing field is leveled and students who are more comfortable expressing their thoughts through writing are now able to be active participants along with their peers in class discussions.  Make sure to check your discussion forums regularly. Your participation is not only mandatory but it will make the course more enjoyable and add to the rich learning environment.  

Tip 3: Use Your Resources

Once enrolled we'll provide links, email addresses and phone numbers for a variety of resources, allowing you to get the help you need. Whether it's a technical issue with your equipment, needing to add or drop classes, or looking into extra tutoring, the contact information will be at your fingertips. Be sure to use the provided resources if you need help. Our support system is robust and responsive because we want to see you succeed.

Tip 4: Develop a Network

When you enter one of our degree programs, you'll be have the opportunity to be in classes with students across the country, coming into their online program with a depth and breadth of various work experiences and professional backgrounds. The community created within each of your courses, and sometimes within your degree program, will contribute to a rich learning experience filled with diverse perspectives that will challenge and enlighten your way of thinking. Take advantage of this opportunity and engage with your community because the connections you make will become a new professional network, lasting even after your program has been completed. 

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