About truED


With truED, Study Online and Achieve Your Goals Affordably

As a student at Champlain College, you'll benefit from course content that is immediately applicable to your career, a flexible online format that works with your schedule, and a learning environment that allows you get to know your professors and classmates, perhaps even better than if you were sitting in a classroom.  

As a truED student, you'll also be benefitting from a preferred tuition rate, meaning you will reach your goals for a fraction of the cost! 

We are committed to making your learning:  

  • Affordable: truED's preferred tuition makes your education an affordable investment in your career and your future.
  • Flexible: Log onto your classes whenever it is convenient for you, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. For most classes, you can decide what time of day, and even which day of the week, you will log in to read and download lectures, view assignments, reply to discussions and take tests.
  • Uncomplicated: You'll know all of your class requirements your first day when you receive a clearly stated course syllabus. Once your course begins, your lectures and assignments will be posted online, and remain there for the entire semester. No surprises.
  • Easy to Access: Your online tools for submitting your work are built right into the course, including an assignment tool, a testing tool and even a self-contained email for contacting your classmates and professors privately.