truED Graduate Tuition

truED Graduate Tuition

Tuition Rates for Online Graduate Programs

Tuition for our master's degree and graduate certificate programs is based on cost per credit.  Below we've outlined our tuition and fees to help you determine your costs each semester.

truED Preferred Pricing for Master's Degrees & Graduate Certificates (Fall 2019 - Summer 2020)

Tuition Type

Cost Per Credit

3 Credit Course Possible Monthly Payment (4 per semester)*
Standard Tuition $795/credit hour $2,385 $1,192.50
truED Alliances Tuition
$398/credit hour $1,194 $   597.00
truED Partners Tuition
$500/credit hour $1,500 $   750.00
* Number of monthly payments available per semester will be based upon when the payment plan is established in regard to the start of the semester; figure is an estimate based on credit hour tuition and 6 credits per semester and does not account for any financial aid or assistance a student may receive.


Many of our courses use articles, journals and free ebooks for required reading instead of textbooks; instructors utilize Champlain College's free digital library to hold books and articles for students to access. Some of our courses do, however, require you to purchase books. To find out if your course has books you need to purchase, simply enter your course information (course and section number) into the campus bookstore website to see if there are any books listed. Remember, if you are receiving financial aid you may use your aid toward the purchase of books.


Fee Per Course Per Semester One-time Fee
Graduation Fee  -   -  $150*

*Graduation fee applies only to degrees students (not students enrolled in stand-alone certificate programs), and is applied to your bill in your last term prior to program completion.

Cost of Attendance

The cost of attendance listed below represents an estimate of the total costs associated with attending Champlain College in the truED program for three semesters. The budget includes tuition (which is the only item you will be billed for), an estimate for the purchase of books, average loan fees, and a standard monthly allowance for living expenses. Full-time enrollment is defined as 6 credits per semester.

truED Alliances RateSummer 2019Fall 2019Spring 2020
Tuition* (example $398/credit)
$2,388 $2,388 $2,388
Books $   500 $   500 $   500
Living Expenses ($1,463 per month) $5,852 $5,852 $5,852
Average Loan Fees $    76 $    76 $     76
Total $8,816 $8,816 $8,816


truED Partners RateSummer 2019Fall 2019Spring 2020
Tuition* (example $500/credit)
NA NA $3,000
Books NA NA $   500
Living Expenses ($1,463 per month) NA NA $5,852
Average Loan Fees NA NA $    76
Total NA NA $9,428

Example assumes enrollment in 6 credits per semester, 1 course every 8 weeks.

*To calculate the amount of your tuition, multiply the number of enrolled credits by the per credit charge for your program.

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