System and network breaches have become a common occurrence; the question is no longer if your systems will be attacked and breached, but when. 

While policy-based information assurance strategies are important, it has been proven time and again that approach alone is insufficient and ineffective. Those who are responsible for the systems and networks that house sensitive information about employees, customers and intellectual property need to think strategically about how to protect their systems once they are deployed and running. This should include not only defense, but also detection and response plans for when the breach occurs. 

The goal of the online information security graduate certificate is to develop strategic thinking about the attackers, and how to defend against them. This will include understanding a traditional risk-management approach, since it's important to be able to identify and quantify the resources being protected. 

Champlain's Online Information Security Graduate Certificate will teach you to: 

  • Develop system and data classification criteria based upon business needs and sensitivity
  • Assess attack strategies through the use of analysis techniques and determine risk level to the business and potential responses
  • Identify responses to potential vulnerabilities within the organizations
  • Determine appropriate controls to respond to suspicious behavior that has been detected

Note: Federal financial aid is only available for associate, bachelor's and master's degree programs. Standalone certificate programs are ineligible for financial aid.


Course #Course TitleCredits
OPSC 502 Managing IT Risk   3
OPSC 516 Information Security Systems   3
OPSC 521 Threat Classification and Analysis   3
OPSC 531  Incident Response and Recovery