Academic Support for Online Students

Champlain College Online student being tutored

24/7 Online Tutoring

Champlain College Online offers web-based tutoring through a company called SMARTHINKING.  The big advantage of SMARTHINKING is that it offers you real-time online tutoring and homework help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - from any computer with Internet access.

SMARTHINKING's tutors typically have master's or doctoral degrees and are also teachers. In addition to communicating with live tutors, you can access tutorials in math, business, writing and science, as well as find a full range of study resources, including writing manuals, sample problems, research tools and study skills manuals. Keep in mind that SMARTHINKING is not a proofreading/editing service and does not provide "answers." 

Current students with an active Champlain College Online account can access SMARTHINKING today

Champlain's Online Writing Center

The Online Writing Center allows Champlain students taking online classes to have a one-on-one conversation with a Writing Center consultant in real time. The Online Writing Center can provide support on all things writing - ranging from topic selection to organizing an essay to grammatical questions.

You can contact our online writing consultant at to set up a time for a virtual consultation. More information is also available by calling the Champlain Writing Center at 802-383-6672.

Note: The writing center is available only during the fall and spring semesters. During the summer please utilize SMARTHINKING where online tutors provide writing support 24/7.

Academic Accommodations

Are you eligible for academic accommodations?

Accommodation services are available to all currently enrolled students who have a documented disability that substantially limits them in one or more of life's major activities. Individuals eligible for services include, but are not limited to students with documented hearing, visual, speech and learning disabilities. 

If eligible, make arrangements quickly

If you will be seeking academic accommodations for your online classes, please make those arrangements prior to the beginning of your courses. Online classes move incredibly quickly. In order for our Accommodations Services Center to best assist you, please notify them in advance of your class beginning. Our Accommodations Services page will provide you with the directions you need to request accommodations. 

Academic Advisors

Our academic advisors are an excellent resource and are here to help you from day one. View our list of academic advisors for their contact information.