Learning Outcomes

Upon completion, graduates with a BS in Business Management degree will have the following competencies:

  • Self-Management / Interpersonal Skills: As a reflective practitioner, manage and interpret interactions with others. Explain and appropriately apply the roles of both leader/manager and follower in organizations.
  • Internet and Information Technology: Integrate and leverage the use of the Internet and information technology to inform decisions.
  • Problem-Solving / Decision-Making: Apply business theories and concepts to practical problems.
  • Planning / Organizing: Prioritize and set goals based on objectives and availability of limited resources.
  • Creativity / Innovation: Cultivate new ideas using current or emerging concepts and elements.
  • Financial Intelligence: Interpret financial information to support decision making. Identify how applying different financial lenses leads to different conclusions.
  • Integrative Intelligence: Use a systems perspective to integrate many pieces of information into a single guideline for decision and action.
  • Analytical Skills: Gather relevant information and analyze, evaluate and interpret it to inform effective decision making.
  • Adaptability: Recognize when changes in the environment require adjustments to plans and make those shifts using cost-benefit analyses.
  • Social Responsibility: Consider social responsibility and ethical issues in the decision-making process, identifying effects on people, planet and profit components.
  • Change Management: Use multiple approaches to generate innovative organizational change strategies.
  • People Intelligence: Select and manage employees so their talents and skills drive business success.