Online Graduate Certificate in Business Management

The Champlain College Online Business Management Graduate Certificate is designed to help you propel your career in business forward. Within the four courses comprising this certificate, you will learn and practice advanced management concepts with a specific focus on leadership and the global economy.

Each 3-credit course will be completed over an 8-week term. This graduate certificate may be taken as part of the Champlain College Online MS in Accounting as an embedded certificate, or as a stand-alone certificate*. Because this certificate is comprised of the first four courses of the Champlain College Online MBA, it may not be used as an embedded certificate in that program.  

By taking this graduate-level online certificate you will learn to:

  • Identify problems and formulate solutions using a systems approach to thinking, recognizing any change can and will affect other areas of your organization
  • Evaluate risk in business scenarios, investigating factors that can lead to success and determine how to innovatively incorporate those into future decisions
  • Asses the effect of an increasingly global and diverse environment on an organization
  • Create ethical business plans using quantitative and qualitative analysis, including financial statements and recognizing the interests of stakeholders
  • Recognize your personal leadership style and how that style impacts others as well as your organization.  

Note: Federal financial aid is only available for associate, bachelor's and master's degree programs. Stand alone certificate programs are ineligible for financial aid.


Course #Course TitleCredits
MBA 512 Self as Values-Driven Leader 3
MBA 516 Impact of Globalization on Business 3
MBA 524 Financial Decision Making for Management 3
MBA 521 Information for Decision Making, Business Analysis, and Performance Measurement 3
Total Credits to Earn This Certificate: 12