master's degree in information security

Online Master's Degree in Information Security Operations

Master Cybersecurity Through Strategic Thinking and Tactical Agility 

Vulnerabilities abound in cyberspace and its underlying infrastructure, and the stakes have never been higher. Malicious actors - with the ability to threaten or disrupt business, government and critical infrastructure - operate from across the globe. Meanwhile, the growth of interconnected and complex networks has increased both the risk of and the opportunity for traditional crime to proliferate online. With our nation, our economy, and our future in the balance, the need for strategic information security expertise that can anticipate, mitigate and thwart cybercrime at an operational level is essential.

Champlain College Online, a two-time winner of SC Magazine's Best Cybersecurity Higher Education award (2013 & 2015), is pleased to offer the online Master of Science in Information Security Operations, the first advanced degree program designed for information security professionals who are involved in the day-to-day operations of running systems and networks in mid-to-large sized enterprises. The online MS in Information Security Operations is designed to develop strategic thinking in the prevention and response to cybersecurity incidents, such as system compromise, data loss, malware attacks, cyber warfare and cybercrime, while increasing technical skills and industry acuity.

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Take Your Security Skills to the Next Level 

Unlike many online master's programs in information security and assurance that largely focus on policy analysis and creation alongside technology and technical team management, the online Master of Science in Information Security Operations takes the practitioner to the next level. Developed in response to industry demand for a different kind of cybersecurity professional - one who is adept in both the strategic and the tactical aspects of information security (i.e., planning and responding) and is able to examine incidents and responses contextually and systematically - the program prepares individuals currently working in the technology field to:

  • Identify risks and determine the appropriate mediations for those risks
  • Understand current attack vectors - not just from the standpoint of what's happening today but on an ongoing basis - and anticipate what may surface in the future 
  • Protect the enterprise and its critical information 
  • Fill the gap between policy-driven information assurance and the technical "live by the runbook" model, increasing operator and administrator effectiveness and organizational agility 

Benefits of the MS in Information Security Operations

  • Finish Your Degree Fully Online in Less Than Two Years. The online MS in Information Security Operations allows motivated students to complete an accredited degree online in less than two years. The program is designed to accommodate working professionals with busy lives and demanding careers. 
  • Develop Sought-After Skills and Knowledge. Sharpen your skills in both vulnerability and malware analysis along with other key areas. Gain a deep understanding of vulnerabilities, and using hands-on labs and assignments, learn to perform a threat analysis. In addition, discover how malware operates and infects systems as well as how to recover from a malware infestation. 
  • Effect Change Through Strategic Thinking. Go beyond the individual component and area perspective to develop a more holistic and contextual view of information security. Take this new integrated approach that incorporates networks, systems and human-oriented processes back to your organization to assess deficits and suggest improvements. 
  • Learn From Information Security Practitioner -Experts. Champlain College is an established leader in cybersecurity education and attracts some of the most expert faculty you'll find anywhere. Our faculty have experience in government, private enterprise, and consulting. What's more, they're practitioners in the field, and they invest in each student's success. 

Career Preparation

The online Master of Science in Information Security Operations is designed for IT professionals- systems engineers, systems administrators, network engineers, technical managers, data and systems analysts and technical leads - who are looking to enhance their careers in information security and assurance in an operational capacity. In addition, the program provides network administrators and programmers the exposure and experience that could help them transition to a career in cybersecurity operations.