Resources For Leaders

The resources on this page will introduce you to the truED alliance, which prepares your workforce with mission-critical knowledge and skills necessary to achieve not only today's missions but also overcome the challenges of tomorrow.

With these tools you can educate your employees about the opportunities available to them for affordable, strategic and efficient learning through the new truED alliance between Champlain College and the Federal Government. Numerous academic programs at Champlain are recognized by leading organizations for their quality, innovation and affordability; including our top-rated, NSA, DHS and USAF-designated cybersecurity and digital forensics programs.

Information To Distribute To Employees:

One-Sheet PDF for Active Duty Military, National Guard and Reservists.

Information For You To Reference:

The Champlain College-OPM Alliance and truED  Provides an overview of Champlain College, our academic programs and the significantly discounted truED tuition that is available through the Champlain College-OPM Alliance.

Champlain College and truED logos to use in promotional materials.