Quotes and Testimonials

"I loved the enthusiasm! The energy! Meeting some great fellow artists..."

"It was great meeting people my age who act and think like I do. I felt not only accepted, but literally surrounded by acceptance. The fact that it's three days is awesome, but I would definitely go for a week-long camp over the summer."

"The atmosphere was comfortable and accepting. I know I was surrounded by writers-- a tie that connected us all. I could strike up a conversation with nearly anyone."

"This conference was one of the best, most productive weekends of my life. It's incredibly wonderful and should be longer than just two nights."

"I love the total immersion into writing: thinking about writing, talking about writing, sharing writing."

"I loved the atmosphere of support and creativity... and the inclusiveness."

"The intensity of it, as well as the freedom. We were treated like serious young adults."

"The small, specialized workshop groups were very supportive and fun."

"I'm beyond glad I came. The people I met were brilliant, and it was fun to experience a college-type weekend."

"I loved the workshops, the passionate faculty, and the evening performances such as Po-jazz, Improv and Open Mike."