Third-Party Programs

Champlain will work with you to find a study abroad location that is the perfect fit for you.  Third party programs offer you a wide range of countries, types of programs and academic content.

Fee, Cost, and Aid Information: Please note that all students studying abroad on third party programs are charged an administrative fee of $750. This fee covers some of the costs associated with the college administrative functions of the study abroad process. Students pay all tuition, housing, board, and any other program fees directly to the study abroad provider. Federal financial aid can be applied to the program costs via consortium agreement arranged by Champlain College. Champlain College institutional financial aid does not apply to any third party programs and will not be awarded to Champlain students during any semester(s) of study abroad on third party programs. The Office of International Education works closely with students seeking to study abroad, in collaboration with Financial Aid and Student Accounts, to ensure that the finances and logistics of each study abroad optiona are clear and accessible.

Explore a list of approved third party study abroad providers**:

**We approve programs by location.  Therefore, not every location the third party providers offer is automatically approved.