Alumni Leadership Board

Mission and Vision

Mission Statement:

The Alumni Leadership Board, in collaboration with the Office of Advancement and the greater Champlain College community, will facilitate mutually beneficial relationships between current and future alumni and work to ensure the College's success and contribute to the Institution's philanthropic growth by promoting an active, passionate, and engaged alumni body.


To lead an expansive network of alumni supporting the success of fellow graduates and current students and to form a significant and constant alumni presence within the Champlain College community.

Alumni Board Purpose and Functions:

  • Preserve and enhance the reputation of Champlain College as an innovative, career-focused, pragmatic institution of higher education
  • Instill a sense of pride in our alumni and educate them about the value, network, and power of the Champlain community
  • Educate our faculty, staff and students about our alumni community and the importance of their professional networks
  • Encourage lifelong career growth for alumni through mentorship and networking opportunities
  • Lead, support, and engage all alumni with the College's advancement and philanthropic initiative