Elevator Pitch Competition

Get Ready to Pitch!

Champlain College's Career Collaborative, Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship, and the Office of Institutional Advancement collaborate to present the Annual Elevator Pitch Competition held during spring semester. The contest invites participating students to give their 90-second "pitch" to an executive (dubbed the "suit") as they ride together in a fictional elevator. There are three categories of competition:

  • Entrepreneurs/Game Developers
  • Job/Internship Seekers
  • Advocates

The event is patterned on a national competition and teaches students the importance of presenting a "big idea" as succinctly and convincingly as possible. The competition is open to all years and majors. Support and coaching is available from about a dozen volunteer coaches─faculty, staff, alumni and friends of the College.

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Why enter this year's Elevator Pitch?

  1. To learn essential communications and networking skills.
  2. To gain self-confidence.
  3. Maybe win some serious CASH!
    • Three $500 first-place prizes
    • $2,700 total in cash prizes
  4. Students can fulfill an InSight Career à la Carte milestone. 
  5. Have some FUN!

Cash Incentives

What's the incentive—besides learning an important life skill? Quite simply it's cash—$2,700 in all-with three $500 first prizes. Second and third-place prizes of $300 and $100 will also be awarded in each of the three pitch categories. Additional prizes of gift certificates to local restaurants are also up for grabs to contestants who earn the "audience favorite" vote.

For further information about the Elevator Pitch Competition, contact:

"As a prior judge of the Elevator Pitch competition, I am very much looking forward to participating again this year. We have a great relationship with Champlain College. Time and time again, they have supplied us with talented and knowledgeable graduates which we employ in our marketing, accounting, human resources, sales and other departments. I always enjoy the presentations brought forth by such sharp minds, and the hard work which has gone into each student's pitch. Naturally, we are very proud to be the 2017 presenting sponsor of Champlain College's Elevator Pitch Competition."
—Coddy Marx, Human Resources Director, Heritage Automotive Group