Mission Statement

Career Collaborative at Champlain College provides comprehensive, innovative career development to all of its current and former undergraduate and graduate students, to offer meaningful connections leading to internships and career-relevant employment.

Career Collaborative offers:

  • A systematized career education process that partners with Champlain College's InSight program for comprehensive skill development
  • A series of programs and events that expand career knowledge and skills
  • A facilitation of connections with first choice employers, recruiters, hiring managers and executives in targeted organizations
  • A series of online resources specific to students' major and career related goals that will provide breadth and depth to their career knowledge and competencies
  • A one-on-one career coaching process that is targeted and customized to its respective academic and student constituent groups

How We Connect 

Our active partnerships with Champlain College's faculty, staff, and external stakeholders enable us to be engaged at a high level in the employment preparation process on behalf of and alongside our students.

Our active partnerships with alumni and parents enable us to develop informational and experiential networks that involves them as resources in support of the career development of students.

Our active partnerships with employers and recruiters enable us to use existing and new relationships to further the employment potential and careers of our students and alumni.

Career Collaborative relies on Champlain College's strategic approach as a professionally-focused and pragmatic institution for the career success of its students.