The Center For Financial Literacy

The Center for Financial LiteracyAbout the Center
Established in 2010, Champlain's Center for Financial Literacy (CFL) was designed to promoteand develop financial literacy skills in K-12 students, college students, teachers (K-12 andcollege) and adults, which leads to more sound decisions about spending, credit, debt,investments and complex financial situations, such as buying a home and saving for retirement.The CFL is nationally acclaimed for its efforts to increase the personal finance sophistication ofour citizens and has become the credible, go-to source for national media coverage of financialliteracy.

CFL In Action: Shaping a National Conversation
The CFL serves individuals and communities across the United States through its extensiveresearch in and advocacy of financial literacy. This important work has ultimately helped shapethe national conversation around financial education. The CFL's National Report Cards haveinformed financial literacy debates nationwide and have been used by task forces andcommissions across the country to increase financial literacy in their states.The CFL focuses a majority of its efforts on creating programs and conducting trusted researchfor educators to help their students develop financial literacy and continuously improve theirown delivery of financial education, including resources such as the award-winning board game Awesome Island and the professional learning community website And, the CFL's innovative and nationally recognized graduate-level training for K-12 educators isdesigned to confer the confidence, knowledge and resources they need to teach personalfinance.