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Work With Us: Partners

Bring your next media challenge to the Emergent Media Center at Champlain College!

The Emergent Media Center works with large and small companies, entrepreneurs, and nonprofit organizations in industries such as business, communication, digital humanities, education, entertainment, health & medicine, social justice, sustainability, and the arts. If you're in need of creative, innovative problem-solving, let's chat!

With a focus on applied research and experimentation, students conceptualize, prototype, and produce a wide range of media to solve challenges brought by community partners like you.

Our interactive studio provides a space to explore novel applications of emerging technologies, immersive media, and human-centered design processes to design creative solutions to some of your most vexing issues.

You'll benefit from a range of talents across multiple disciplines to address issues directly related to your organization's needs and interests. Business students lead student production teams and lend marketing skills; Education and Psychology students inform content creation for best learning practices; Game Studio, App Development, Computer Science, Graphic Design & Visual Communication, and Filmmaking students all develop media components for Center projects. If your project requires physical prototyping, you'll also benefit from the talented students and array of tools in our affiliated Makerspace.

Interested in a possible partnership? We invite you to inquire about project sponsorship through the Emergent Media Center at Champlain College.

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  Our services

Our students shine when exploring and experimenting to create innovative solutions. Let us help you and your organization discover what is possible.

  • Create concepts and prototypes:
    • Serious games and simulations
    • Embodied systems and wearable technologies
    • Mobile apps
    • AR/VR/MR/XR
    • Assistive and adaptive technologies
    • Physical computing
    • Cutting edge media and technology
  • Design & strategy workshops: Through implementing human-centered design processes, we can help you discover a myriad of approaches to help solve complicated problems.

With the ability to recruit students from across Champlain's majors of study, our multi-disciplinary teams deliver diverse skillsets and backgrounds to solve your challenges.


  Why partner with the EMC?

With the ability to recruit students from across Champlain's majors of study, our multi-disciplinary teams deliver diverse skillsets and backgrounds to solve your challenges.

Our bright young people produce high-quality, out-of-the-box solutions, while our team of experienced professional staff and faculty provide assurance that student work is supported and set up for success.

  • Students produce thoroughly-conceived ideas and relevant, innovative solutions that often extend beyond the potential of a partner's in-house effort.
    • Unique "beginners' minds"
    • Technical know-how
    • Flesh out a proof of concept
    • Provide a tipping point needed to secure project investment

And as a partner, you can uniquely contribute to the education and development of promising young professionals while also being tuned into post-graduation hiring prospects for your company.


EMC Partners

Join the growing list of our past and current partners by sponsoring an EMC project!

This is a shining example of what education should be today. It should be learning real skills, real experiences that you can use in today's professional workforce, a fast-changing workforce. ... Nobody ever realized you would deliver this well. I am awfully, awfully proud of you.

Senator Patrick Leahy, about the EMC’s BREAKAWAY game project with the United Nations