Book AV Support

How do I request AV support for a campus event?

Visit where you can request audio/video services and equipment for your existing EMS campus event booking.

How much notice is required?

We ask for at least seven calendar days' notice so we may effectively plan our staffing and manage our resources.

What if I am not familiar with using the EMS software?

You may contact the Conference and Event Center at (802) 651-5957 for assistance with using EMS.

What if I am not the individual who created the EMS booking?

You will need to either contact the Conference and Event Center at (802) 651-5957 and request to be re-assigned as the booking contact in EMS or you will need to contact Champ Support and we can assist you by adding the requested AV services to EMS on your behalf.

What if no EMS booking exists for my event?

You will need to create one in order to request AV support.  You may do so by visiting or by contacting the Conference and Event Center at (802) 651-5957.  For special circumstances call Champ Support for assistance.

How will I know what services or equipment are available and appropriate for my event?

While adding Media Services Equipment in EMS you will see a list of the available services and equipment with descriptions.  If you need advice or assistance, or have an event with complex technology needs, contact Champ Support to work with a technician who can help guide you.

How do I request AV support for a campus event?

Click here to go to the EMS system where you can request audio/video services for your campus event (microphones & PA systems, LCD projectors with laptops and screens, etc.). If you are requesting services for an event you did not personally book in EMS (such as a class scheduled by the registrar), and/or you would like to discuss what technology may be appropriate for your needs, you may contact us for assistance (802-860-2710 or

PLEASE NOTE: We ask for advance notice of at least one week for AV support requests in order to schedule the appropriate staffing (particularly for events outside our standard business hours). For questions specific to using the EMS system you may contact the Conference and Events Center (802-651-5957).

How do I request assistance if I am experiencing technical difficulties with the AV equipment in my classroom?

Call us at (802) 860-2710 (or x2710 from any campus phone) during our business hours and we will dispatch help immediately.  If the issue is not critical you can also report it by e-mailing to open a service ticket.

Can I receive training on the technology in my classroom?

Absolutely! We typically offer drop-in trainings in late August, or you may contact us at (802) 860-2710 or at any time to schedule a one-on-one session.