Policies & Procedures


Policies seek to manage the creation, acquisition, integrity, security, compliance and quality of data. The policy owner will be responsible for documenting the policy, communicating the change and monitoring the outcomes.

Data Cleansing and Quality Policy Decrease the amount of duplicate and incomplete data within the enterprise systems.
Data Classification Policy To protect the confidentiality of information important to the College’s academic mission. For that reason, Champlain College has classified its information assets into the categories of Restricted, Confidential and Unrestricted. For details associated with this policy, please refer to Champlain College’s Data Classification Policy.
Data Security Policy To protect the confidentiality and integrity of Champlain College data in accordance with the levels defined in the Data Classification Policy. In addition to complying with regulatory requirements and industry accepted standards, they serve to advance the educational mission of the College while also minimizing damage that could result from unauthorized disclosure, mishandling or corruption of College data.

Communications Protocol

The Data Governance initiative will be comprised of ongoing information exchange and knowledge sharing. Topics discussed will need to be documented and disseminated to various recipients. The following approaches will be used for the different events that occur.

EventEmailMeetingsWebsiteData Cookbook
Project status updates X X
Policy changes X X X
Process changes X X X
New roles X X
Project announcements X X
Issues X