Event Center

Our Staff

Linda Wheeler

Linda Wheeler

Sr. Director, Auxiliary & Event Services
Linda oversees everything that happens in Auxiliary and the Event Center. She is in charge of all campus signage and janitorial contracts as well as vending and numerous other things.

Email: lwheeler@champlain.edu / Phone: 802-865-5448

Emily BergeronEmily Bergeron

Senior Operations Coordinator for Auxiliary Services
Emily provides high level support to the Sr. Director of Auxiliary Services in all aspects of the business, while supporting the Conference and Event Center.

Email: ebergeron@champlain.edu / Phone: 802-651-5832

Corin PorterCorin Porter

Senior Coordinator
Corin can assist in scheduling space and answer any questions you might have regarding the process of planning your event.

Email: cporter@champlain.edu / Phone: 802-865-5747

Michael Mansfield Marcoux

Michael Mansfield-Marcoux

Event Facilities
Need an event set-up or other event resources? Michael is the one to contact! He handles everything from setting up your room for an event to making sure your sandwich board is out and ready to guide people to the room.

Email: mmarcoux@champlain.edu / Phone: 802-651-5957

Sue Lindberg

Susan Lindberg

Sales Manager
Have an event or conference coming to our campus during the summer? Sue is the one to contact! Sue handles the entire proposal and contract process for external campus groups that need housing, food, and meeting/activity spaces.

Email: slindberg@champlain.edu / Phone: 802-865-5404

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: what are your hours of operation?
A: We are in the office from 8:30am to 5:00pm Monday through Friday

Q: Can I print a banner or poster?
A: Yes you can! We ask that you send it to eventcenter@champlain.edu , or stop by our office with a USB drive with the file, in PDF format sized to the way you want it.

Q: How do I submit a file for printing if it is too big to send over email?
A: You can bring it to the Event Center on a flash drive.

Q: How much does printing cost?
A: The cost of printing all depends on the size of your poster/banner, and the type of paper you choose to use. We ask that if you have a poster that requires high amounts of ink to have it printed on photo paper.

Q: Can I pay for printing with a credit card?
A: No. We only take cash, check or budget transfers if you are a part of a department

Q: Where are you located?
A: We are located in the Center for Communication & Creative Media (CCM) on the second floor at the top of the glass staircase. 

Q: How do I book a room?
A: You can reserve a room on our webpage Virtual EMS: events.champlain.edu

Q: Can I book Fireside Lounge?
A: We ask that during the school year to try and not reserve the Fireside Lounge. It is a student lounge that many of our students use throughout the day. If you have any specific questions on reserving the Fireside Lounge please contact us.

Q: Can I reserve the Gym?
A: We ask that during the school year to try and not reserve the gym, unless it is a campus-wide event. It is utilized by the students for events like intramurals that can only be canceled a few time a semester.

Q: How do I find myself in Virtual EMS?
A: If you are a part of a specific department you can find it under the Customer drop-box. Once that is selected you can find your name under the contact drop-box. If you are a student you will look for Champlain Student Life under customer and then your name under contact.

Please look at the instructions under the "How do I book a room?" if it is your first time in Virtual EMS on how to add your department to Customer and how to find yourself under contact.

Q: How do I get my event to show on the Stall Street Journal or the Compass?
A: While making your reservation in Virtual EMS if you name the event type as Student Activity: Social, Student Activity: Academic, Campus wide & Community Event, Career Services and LEAD.

Q: Who do I contact for AV need or problems?
A: If you are requesting media services you can do so through Virtual EMS. If you have a specific problem with your media services during an event please contact the Help Desk (Ex: 2710)

Q: Can I have catering for my event? If so how do I request it?
A: If you are a faculty or staff member you can order catering for your event through Virtual EMS.

Q: Can I have a sandwich board(s) for my event? If so how do I go about getting one?
A: Yes you can! When making a reservation on Virtual EMS just add in the notes what you would like the board to say as well as how many and the location(s) of them. You can also email us at eventcenter@champlain.edu requesting one for your event.

Q: Does a sandwich board cost money?
A: It depends. If you are just using the board as a directional and only have lettering on it then it will not cost any money. If you are looking to have a photo or graphic on it then we will have to print it on photo paper which will come at a cost.

Q: Can I use campus equipment for an off campus event?
A: No. To reduce the chance of losing equipment we ask that it all stays on our campus.

Q: How do I get linens or other event supplies (tables, chairs etc.?) for my event?
A: You can order event supplies through Virtual EMS. If you have a specific request please contact the Event Center.

Q: How far in advance do I need to send my file for printing?
A: We ask that you send your file to us 1 week before you need the poster. This will make sure that your poster is done in time in case we have many requests for printing

Policies and Procedures

What's Happening?

Our summer is officially complete! Sue will continue to focus on getting new and repeat business booked for next summer so we can have another busy and great summer and we will begin marketing the new Champlain Room. The Event Center will continue to serve faculty/staff/students and support them with their event needs. We will also be transitioning the senior coordinator position from Jodi to Howie Le and get Howie familiar with how our office and the campus operates so he can hit the ground running in his new position.