There are multiple options when it comes to studying abroad. Choose the right one depending on your needs.

  • You can study at one of Champlain’s international campuses with the same support, people, and tuition you have on Champlain’s main Burlington campus.

    Champlain Campus in Dublin, Ireland

    Study or intern in one of the most robust business capitals in Europe. Major companies including the Big Four accounting firms and tech giants like Google have offices in Dublin. From here, you can connect easily to other European countries and broaden your perspective further.

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    Champlain Campus in Montreal, Canada

    Be a world away, without being too far away. Canada is the largest trading partner to the U.S., and Montreal is one of the world’s leading multimedia, business, and design cities. Gain an international perspective on evolving jobs and build a network of global professionals.

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  • Champlain offers faculty-led courses that typically take place during a break or over a couple weeks in the summer. They often involve intensive learning experiences where a semester course is condensed into a two to three week experience. You’ll participate in field trips, workshops, cultural immersions, and hands-on projects that complement the course curriculum.

    Faculty-led courses offer an exceptional opportunity to delve deeply into specific topics while experiencing firsthand the cultural and social aspects of the host country.

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  • Champlain maintains exchange relationships with 4 partner institutions:

    These partnerships allows Champlain College to send and receive students through reciprocal exchange, meaning you pay your Tuition & Fees at your home institution, and receive the same benefits abroad.

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  • Champlain will work with you to find a study abroad location that is the perfect fit for you. Third-party programs typically come at a higher cost, but can often accommodate your specific needs such as location, types of programs or academic content.

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  • International internships provide an invaluable opportunity for you to enhance your professional skills and personal development while experiencing the culture and work practices of a different country.

    Champlain Abroad takes the lead in providing a variety of professional development opportunities during your semester abroad. These include internships, conferences, company visits, and networking events with industry experts.

    Internships can be arranged as part of an approved study abroad program or as a “stand-alone” opportunity, allowing you to gain real-world experience without having to enroll in courses at the host institution.

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