We are committed to environmental and economic justice, recognizing that there can never be an assumption of someone’s financial or life circumstances and that every person should have adequate access to basic amenities, such as clothing and food, as part of their personal journey towards a dignified existence.

All of our items are gleaned from donations, waste collection days, and community partnerships as a way to both divert waste from landfills and educate members of the campus community about creative ways to repurpose items. Campus community members will be provided with workshops and tools for repurposing, and through this upcycling and recycling of materials, we aim to demonstrate an ecological understanding of, and deep gratitude for, the earth’s finite resources.

The Purpose

  • To divert otherwise unwanted materials from the landfill.
  • To have a space where the Champlain Community can find items they need for free/swap (clothing, books, games, small housewares).
  • To have a space to host up-cycling/craft workshops.
  • Location:

    Skiff Hall, Room 011

    Please turn off the lights when you leave. Student employees will be monitoring the space on a weekly basis.


    Monday – Friday, 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM, or whenever Skiff Hall is open

    Please Note:

    All items from the Swap Shop may be taken “as is”. We recommend washing any item before using or wearing it.

Make a Donation

Please leave in the Swap Shop (Skiff 011), in the donation bin or on the table. See our accepted donation list below.

  • Think: nothing big, nothing broken!

    • CLOTHES: Must be clean, without stains. No torn fabric, please. Try making simple repairs before donating.
    • SHOES: Wearable shoes and a complete pair.
    • NO OPENED PERSONAL CARE PRODUCTS: If the item suggests contact with the body, cannot be washed, or is open, do not donate For example hairbrushes, combs, makeup, body lotion, etc.
      • Glasses, bottles, vases, mugs, china – Must be intact.
      • No items with missing lids
      • Silverware
    • FURNITURE: No cloth furniture.
    • SMALL APPLIANCES / ELECTRONICS: If in working condition.
    • NO PLANTS: Garden or house.
    • NO FOOD: Food donations go to Chauncey’s Cupboard

Office of Sustainability

Skiff Annex, Room 203
163 South Willard Street, Burlington, VT 05401
Tuesday – Friday
11:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Email us to set up a meeting outside of the academic year