M.Ed. Curriculum

Course #TitleCredits

Course List

GEE 501 Early Childhood & Play 3
GEE 503

Leadership, Mentoring & Quality

This course is taken in conjunction with an academic residency at one of two national NAEYC conferences (typically held in November and June).

GEE 504 The Child, Family and Community 3
GEE 505 Supporting Children with Special Needs 3
GEE 506 Observation and Curriculum in Early Childhood Environments 3
GEE 600 Action Research Project I 3

PLUS, four Specialization Courses

Special Education Specialization

GEE 550 Early Identification & Assessment of Diverse Learners 3
GEE 551 Developing a Curriculum for Diverse Learners 3
GEE 522 Designing Environments for Diverse Learners 3
GEE 553 Behavior Analysis & Intervention 3

Administration Specialization

GEE 540 Curriculum for Administrators 3
GEE 541 HR and Supervision in Early Childhood Settings 3
GEE 542 Administration of Early Childhood Programs 3
GEE 543 Financial Management and Legal Issues in Early Childhood 3

Teaching Specialization

GEE 520 Early Language & Literacy 3
GEE 522 Teaching Kindergarten through Third Grade & Practicum 3
GEE 524 Infant & Toddler Development & Curriculum with Project 3
GEE 532 Math & Science for Young Children 3
Total: 30

Note that the M.Ed. is not a licensure program. Contact your state's department of education for information regarding specific licensure requirements.

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