Parent Fund

Marking a New Beginning with the Parent Fund

With our campus infection rate well below that of the State overall, and Vermont with the lowest infection rate in the nation, we can confidently say that Champlain's campus is one of the safest in the country. Safety remains our top priority as success rests on our ability to keep our students, faculty and staff healthy.

Maintaining these high standards without missing a beat in delivering the promise of a cutting edge educational experience requires resources beyond any expectation we could have had just a year ago.

Families, we need your strong support now more than any time in recent history which is why we are launching a new initiative called the Parent Fund. In every step of the way since our inception in 1878, support from parents and families has underpinned our success. In many ways, your gift to the Parent Fund in 2020 marks a new beginning; but, importantly, it also carries forward 140 years of love, generosity, and mutual support between Champlain, our students and our families.

Our donation page outlines our focus areas for fundraising in 2020.
Join us for Champlain NEXT. Act now.

Audeamus. Let Us Dare. 

Benjamin Ola Akande