For Students

YOU can make a difference through civic engagement (Be a #CivicChamp) 

What is Civic Engagement? 
"...acting upon a heightened sense of responsibility to one's communities through both political and non-political means." (B. Jacoby, 2009, Civic Engagement in Higher Education: Concepts and Practices)

"...individual and collective actions designed to identify and address issues of public concern." (American Psychological Association)

There are many ways that you can become connected to the campus, local and global communities, including:

On-Campus Off-campus
* Take a service-learning designated course (SL) * Vote! See our #LetUsVote page for more details
* Participate in campus events - See The View * Apply for an internship with a community partner
* Join a related student organization or Student Government Association (SGA) * Participate in community events - See Seven Days event calendar
* Earn a Civic Engagement Micro-Endorsement * Volunteer with a community organization - see more below
* Check out the thematic displays in the MIC * Go on a domestic or international service trip
* Attend Burlington's Ward 6 Neighborhood Planning Assembly (NPA)
Other places where civic engagement happens: * Attend Burlington's City Council meetings or reach out to a member
* Core 103: Navigating Your Information Landscape * Join UVM's Community Coalition of students, neighbors, and community organizations
* Student publications and media  * Learn about the Vermont state legislature and participate in events at the Vermont State House
* Social Impact Scholars

Volunteering in the Burlington area 

Not located in the Burlington area? These national organizations may have local chapters in your neighborhood (as well as Burlington)

Want to get involved, but not sure where to start?

See the calendar below for even more opportunities in service and sustainability!