Student Testimonials

Stories from the Single Parents Program

Single Parents Program | Champlain College from Champlain College on Vimeo.

"Becoming a full time student at Champlain College was like entering a journey into the unknown...

I was welcomed with open arms literally by the Single Parents Program where I was then informed that there was a scholarship and grants for my tuition.

Orientation was filled with smiling, happy faces and so much useful information. For every question, there was a straightforward answer along with introductions to people who would help with any upcoming difficulties.

This is what it feels like to be accepted and respected for something I am trying to accomplish!" —Social Work Student, 2009

"The Single Parents Program isn't a program as much as it is a family of support and help and guidance...

If it weren't for this amazing program I wouldn't be able to one day provide the best for my family. If you are looking for a loving staff that will back you up no matter what you do, this is place to be!" — Accounting Student, 2011

"The support that the .... case managers at Champlain College offer is essential for my success in school...

Being a single parent and attending school full time can be challenging and without the support of the case managers, facing these obstacles alone could easily become too overwhelming to succeed academically. 

They are there to help students such as myself to work through any problem that could arise from financial aid issues to working through class scheduling even offering support in any emergency case that could arise such as a car breaking down and simply just being there for you on a bad day." — Business Management Student, 2013

"There is so much more to attaining a college degree than just filling out a form and taking the required classes, especially when the applicant is a single parent...

It is a massive undertaking, and without the extra assistance that I have received through the ... program I would not be where I am now, my fourth semester and a 3.8 GPA." — Information Technology Student, 2015

To learn more about the program and how you can help support it, please call (802) 383-6620 .