Women's and Gender Center

Welcome to the Women's and Gender Center!  This new office on campus provides a comfortable, inclusive, and fun place for students to hang out, meet other students, and have good conversation.  Students of all gender identities and sexual orientations are welcome to call this place home, and we hope you will!  The center will focus specifically on providing education, programming, and support around our three major themes listed below.  Please visit us anytime, and feel free to contact womensandgender@champlain.edu to learn more!

Areas of focus

Education and support for:

  • Empowerment and Leadership Development
  • Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation
  • Sexual Violence Prevention in 3 areas of focus

Visit or Contact Us!

Operating Hours: 9am-5pm Monday - Friday

Skiff Annex, Room 102


(802) 383–6600