The Stiller Difference

Building Bridges to the "Real World" From Day One

The Robert P. Stiller School of Business provides an immersive, experiential approach to learning. Through in-class client projects with real businesses, internships with organizations that interest you, and a senior Capstone project you can be proud of, you'll build your professional network and discover what types of work you most enjoy. Most of our students graduate with more than a year of professional experience; that's how more than 95% of our graduates complete their own bridge and enter the workforce within six months after graduating.

Business With a Higher Purpose

We believe business can be a powerful force for positive change at the local, industry, and global levels. That's why the Stiller School of Business provides a thorough foundation in all traditional business disciplines while emphasizing concepts such as social responsibility, innovation, and positive organizational development. Learn how to do well while doing good in any career.

  • You will learn from experienced faculty who believe in the positive power of business.
  • You'll have opportunities to work with nonprofit and social change organizations, mentor other students, and get involved with issues you care about both on and off campus.
  • You'll learn more about your own strengths and interests to support your academic, professional, and personal development through our holistic approach to business education and student advising, informed by our David L. Cooperrider Center for Appreciative Inquiry.

The Stiller School prepares our students to succeed by empowering them to define their personal and professional values and strengths.

Develop an Entrepreneurial Mindset

Employers and alumni tell us one of the things they value most from employees is an "entrepreneurial mindset." Our foundational Integrated Business Experience courses—plus elective courses in entrepreneurship, small business management, and innovation—will help you see and create opportunities, turn your ideas into action, and become a collaborative leader. You will be ready to play an integral role in the direction of any organization or build your own.

Be More Than a Face In the Crowd

Your classes in the Stiller School will never be in a giant lecture hall—average class sizes are around 20 students, and your largest class size will be 24 students. The familiarity of our small class size fosters productive conversation and allows for direct mentorship from your professors, who bring their expertise, real-world knowledge, and professional networks directly into the classroom. And with our unique approach to strengths-based education and advising, we'll help you discover and act on your own strengths and interests.
Our Stiller Women in Business organization is a powerful network and a great way to connect with peers and faculty in the interest of empowering and supporting women to achieve their career goals.

Get Global Experience

We designed the curriculum of our majors to support a semester of optional international study.

Over the last seven years, the Stiller School of Business has received a prestigious grant from the Freeman Foundation, which has allowed more than 150 students to travel to Shanghai, China—and other locations in Asia, such as Kyoto, Japan—to complete summer internships. This grant gives our students the chance to gain both international and professional experience with minimal out-of-pocket costs.