Information Literacy Program

Information Literacy refers to the ability to recognize when information is needed and to locate, evaluate, and effectively use this information. This is increasingly important in light of rapid technological change, proliferating information resources, and multiple media.

Information Literacy has been identified and embraced as one of the College's twelve college-wide competencies. The Library helped develop the Information Literacy competency based on national standards and theoretical frameworks. The competency is used as a guide for our teaching and for documenting student progress.  

Champlain's information literacy program is unique in a number of ways.

  • Our program is an incremental information literacy program embedded in Champlain's Core curriculum. Like the Core, our curriculum is inquiry-based.
  • As an embedded program, librarians see all of our on-campus students at least four times during their first three years.
  • We provide a common, sequential curriculum that emphasizes ways of knowing and asking in addition to library-focused content.

To learn more about the embedded information literacy sessions that faculty librarians teach in Core classes, visit our overview guide. For more information about information literacy at Champlain, please contact Nick Faulk.