Two Library Student Employees present about Library Social Hour to another student at an Activities Fair

Mission, Vision,

& Reports


The Champlain College Library is more than a space. We are people, resources, and community, centering students in all of our work. We advance and enhance the teaching, research, and service of the College through our dynamic and curriculum-driven collection, our innovative library instructional programs, our facility, our involvement and integration across the College, and our passion to make our library and campus more inclusive, equitable, and just. 


The Champlain College Library will adapt to the needs of current and future students, working with campus partners to shape student experience and learning. By empowering students to navigate knowledge effectively, creatively, and critically, we will inspire informed, curious, and engaged life-long learning.

Champlain College Library Strategic Plan, 2022-2026

Goal 1: Center Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging in Every Aspect of the Library's Work

1.1 The Library will assess, develop, and implement operational policies and procedures that elevate and prioritize principles of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB).

1.2 The Library will make our collections and catalog more inclusive.

1.3 The Library will prioritize accessibility in the Miller Informations Common facility.

1.4 The Library will maximize DEIB engagement that benefits our entire community.

1.5 The Library will prioritize staff and faculty professional development.

Goal 2: Cultivate a Welcoming Hub for Our Campus Community

2.1 The Library will leverage our already strong reputation within Champlain to expand community knowledge and implementation of library resources and services.

2.2 The Library will strengthen our relationship with Champlain College Online through outreach and collaboration.

2.3 The Library will engage community stakeholders and library practitioners beyond Champlain College.

2.4 The Library will plan and host social events that go beyond traditional library services and bring people together.

2.5 The Library will expand our existing campus partnerships.

2.6 The Library will develop strategic approaches to communication and outreach.

Goal 3: Enhance a Library Facility Where Students Thrive

3.1 The Library will explore and invest in innovative technology and spaces that support and drive the College's programs and curriculum.

3.2 The Library will identify additional physical space to house Special Collections, which has exceeded its capacity.

3.3 The Library will serve as a hub for digital humanities initiatives across campus, uniting thought partners and creating pathways and platforms for engagement and innovation.

3.4 The Library will engage students as partners to create and maintain learning spaces that meet student needs and facilitate collaboration, engaged learning, and thriving students.

3.5 The library will prioritize sustainable design in action to meet best practices and lay the groundwork for innovation.

Goal 4: Support a World Class Education through Library Instruction

4.1 The Library will continue to provide our award-winning instructional support for new and existing programs.

4.2 The Library will complete a redesign of our main instructional program - Information Literacy 2.0 (IL 2.0) - the Librarian-led Information Literacy program incorporated into the Core curriculum.

4.3 The Library will continue to build connections between the information literacy and Special Collections instructional programs.

4.4 The Library will play an integral role with the College's new programmatic emphasis on experiential learning, digital methods, and digital humanities.

4.5 The Library will continue to support a world-class Champlain education through a fully staffed Faculty Librarian team.

Goal 5: Maintain and Grow A Robust, Relevant, and Inclusive Collection

5.1 The Library will leverage resources to support new programs.

5.2 The Library will develop and improve processes for the evaluation of and additions to the Library's collections.

5.3 The Library will continue to invest in growing its Special Collections holdings.

5.4 The Library will build our collection of Open Access (OA) and Open Educational Resources (OERs).

5.5 The Library will continue to build our inclusive, useful, and fun library of non-traditional objects for circulation.

Goal 6: Prioritize Retention and Career Success Through Student Employment

6.1 The Library will prioritize DEIB focused hiring as a form of student support.

6.2 The Library will provide robust student employment opportunities.

6.3 The Library will provide supportive, caring, and inclusive student management that meets students where they are, and takes them to where they need to be.

6.4 Harness the strengths and ideas of individual student employees to ensure that the Library meets the needs of all students.

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