Library Link Creator

Unlike much the rest of the web, library resources like ebooks, articles, and databases are paid subscriptions, and students need to prove they are Champlain College users before accessing them. Therefore, when linking to library resources online, you must use enhanced URLs (the web address of the resource you're linking to + a special prefix). These enhanced URLs require students to log in and ensure that students get access. Links to library ebooks or articles that are simply copied from the address bar will not work. To create an enhanced URL:

permalink screenshot

  1. Navigate to the article, ebook, or other library resource that you would like students to access using the library databases.
  2. Locate the stable URL or permalink. DO NOT just copy the URL in the address bar (stable URLs/permalinks are in different places in different databases; for help locating it email
  3. Paste the stable URL in the box below
  4. Click create link
  5. Copy and paste the new enhanced URL into Canvas, an email, or anywhere else you'd like to link to library resources

Note: Enhanced URLs are only necessary for library subscription resources. They are not needed for things that are freely available, such as things in Google. If you have questions please email or call 802-860-2717.

Paste the stable link to your resource here: (Include http:// at the front)

New Enhanced URL: