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Like all libraries, Champlain strives to promote access to resources and materials while at the same time preserving and protecting them. Our policies reflect that need for balance between access and preservation.  

Borrowing Materials

Champlain College students, faculty, and staff may borrow library materials by presenting their current Champlain College ID.   Most students receive their ID during registration. Off-campus students, faculty and staff should get ID cards from the Office of Student Services, located in Skiff Hall. Alumni and employees of the bookstore and other affiliates will be issued cards by the Access Services Librarian upon presenting proof of residence, graduation and/or current employment. Neighbors of the College seeking Guest Borrower privileges should contact the External Relations and Communications Director.   All cards expire at the end of the academic year in which they are issued, upon withdrawal from the College, or upon cessation of employment.   Use of the Champlain- issued ID constitutes an agreement to abide by all applicable Library policies. Patrons are responsible for all items charged out on their card. Lost or stolen cards should be reported immediately both to Student Services and to the Library. All patrons are advised for their own protection not to loan their cards to other persons or to give materials charged to their accounts to any other person.  

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Loan Policies

Circulation policies for books and DVDs:

Patron TypeItem LimitLoan PeriodRenewal Period
Undergraduate Students

10 Books

3 DVDs

28 Days

3 Days

28 Days

3 Days

Graduate Students

15 Books

3 DVDs

28 Days

3 Days

28 Days

3 Days

Faculty, Staff, Trustees

25 Books

10 DVDs

90 Days

7 Days

30 Days

7 Days

Alumni, Guests, and Neighbors with Guest Borrowing Card

5 Books


14 Days Must return to the library to renew books

NOTE: Some DVDs are for in library use only. Students may check out those DVDs for 3 hours and view them in the library.

NOTE: New Books circulate for and are renewed for 14 days, regardless of patron type.

  • Patrons who have reached their item maximum will be unable to check out further materials.

  • Books may be renewable unless another patron has requested a "hold" on the book.

  • Books are subject to recall after the first loan period so that high-demand items may be accessible to the largest number of patrons. Patrons receiving a recall notice should return the requested item(s) within 48 hours.

Circulation policies for other items:

Item TypeCirculation PolicyRenewal Policy
New Books May check out for 14 Days 14 Days
Periodicals/Reference Books Not checked out - In-Library Use Only N/A
Course Reserve Students may check out for 3 hours - In-Library Use Only 3 hours if there are no other student requests for the item
Chromebooks and Laptops Students may check out for 3 hours - In-Library Use Only 3 hours if there are no other student requests for the item

Champlain College students, faculty, and staff can renew books online:

  1. From the Library website, navigate to the library catalog by clicking the "search" button.

  2. When the catalog site appears, choose the "Login" link (upper right-hand corner), and then enter your name and ID barcode number. (This is the number on your ID card. If the number begins with "82-", enter only the digits that appear after the dash; that is, the final seven digits.)

  3. A list of your currently checked out items will appear, and you can renew the books that are eligible for renewal by choosing specific titles and using the Renew Selected Items feature.

For more information about current loan policies, contact Sarah Camille Wilson at 802-860-2717 or  

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Overdue and lost items

Patrons are responsible for returning or renewing all items charged to their account on or before the date on which they are due. Patrons who have overdue items charged to their account will be unable to check out further items. While the Library will make reasonable efforts to contact patrons with overdue materials, it is the responsibility of the patron to know when materials are due and to return them promptly.   The Library does not charge fines per day overdue. However, borrowing privileges are revoked and patrons with overdue items will not be able to borrow any additional materials.   Any items not returned or renewed on time are considered lost and the amount of the full replacement cost and processing fees for each item may be attached to the patron's account until the items are returned or renewed. The replacement cost for books is $75.00 per item; the replacement cost for videos is $100.00 per item.  

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Reserve Readings

Materials may be placed on reserve by faculty for specific course assignments. Students can sign out these materials at the Circulation Desk for in-library use with a current ID. Faculty may place personal copies of books, CDs, videos or other materials on reserve, as well as items from the Library's circulating collection. Materials such as photocopies, reports and sample tests may be placed on reserve. The materials should be clearly marked with the instructor's name, course name, and course number, and brought or mailed to the Access Services Librarian.   Please be aware that copyright law prohibits or limits the type, number, and/or circumstances of reproduction of copyrighted materials. See the Faculty Handbook for more information about copyright. The Champlain College Library conforms to all applicable law. Any materials submitted for Reserve in violation of copyright will be returned.  

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Interlibrary Loan and Reciprocal Borrowing

Interlibrary Loan, or ILL, allows Champlain College students, faculty, and staff to borrow materials that are not available in the Champlain College Library. ILL requests must go through a librarian, and normally take one to two weeks to fill. Guest Borrowers, alumni, and Champlain students living at a distance from the campus are urged to use their home libraries for Interlibrary Loan service rather than contacting Champlain. Loans from other libraries are subject to the rules of the lending library, not the rules of the Champlain College Library. It is the responsibility of the patron to be aware of, and comply with, any differences in loan periods and conditions.

In order to request items through Interlibrary Loan the patron must provide a full citation to the items requested. A book citation must include author; title; publisher; date of publication. Citations to periodical articles must include the author and title of the article; the title of the periodical; the volume, number, and page on which the article appears. The patron must also provide his or her name, the ID number and expiration date found on the Champlain College ID, the last date by which the item(s) will be needed, and a telephone number and/or email address for notification purposes. Requests with incomplete citations or lacking a valid Champlain College ID number and expiration date will not be filled.

Materials available for interlibrary loan borrowing most frequently include books not held by the Champlain College Library and photocopies of articles from periodicals not subscribed to locally. Other types of materials such as films, video- and audio- cassettes, CD-ROMs and software products are sometimes available, depending on the circulation policies of the lending library. The Interlibrary Loan Librarian will make all reasonable efforts to acquire requested items in a timely fashion, but due to the nature of ILL agreements we are unable to guarantee that any individual item or group of items will be supplied. Patrons are advised to allow a minimum of two weeks for receipt of interlibrary loan requests. The Interlibrary Loan form can be found here.   In addition, students, faculty and staff have reciprocal borrowing privileges with UVM and St. Michaels College. Faculty also can borrow from VCAL institutions from around the state.  

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Remote Access

Online resources are available to all Champlain students, faculty, and staff, both on- and off-campus. Users will be asked to log in using their Champlain username and password to access some resources.

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