Borrow From Other Libraries

Note: our ability to borrow from other libraries right now, as well as your ability to visit our reciprocal libraries, is severely limited due to the current circumstances. Please use the Interlibrary Loan request form below to request the books and articles that you need and cannot find in our collection, and we will do our best to obtain them for you in a digital format.

Interlibrary Loan Request

Please fill out the form linked below as completely as possible so we can get you the correct item. You may request up to 5 items per day. Please allow 1 to 2 weeks for delivery time. You will be contacted once your item(s) arrives. All physical items must be picked up at the Champlain College library. They will not be mailed to you.

Borrowing Books From UVM & SMC

Champlain faculty members and students may borrow books from the circulating collection of University of Vermont's Howe Library and St. Michael's College's Durick Library using their valid Champlain ID card.  

This reciprocal borrowing agreement applies to all full-time undergraduate students, all permanent faculty and staff members, and all graduate students of Champlain College.

The agreement allows up to ten books to be borrowed at one time, with a circulation period of 28 days. The agreement covers volumes in the library's main collection and the Library Annex, but it does not include reference books, Special Collections, Dana Medical Library, or other specialized resources, nor can books borrowed from UVM or SMC be put on course reserve here.

Please note that if you borrow books from UVM or SMC under this agreement, you will be subject to UVM and SMC circulation policies, including overdue fines and replacement fees.  Also, please be aware that books you borrow from UVM and SMC are for your personal use; they cannot be placed on course reserve at Champlain.

To borrow books from UVM or SMC, simply present your valid Champlain ID card at the UVM or SMC circulation desk, and explain that you would like to borrow books through the UVM/Champlain/SMC reciprocal agreement.  To locate books you can search either the UVM catalog or the SMC catalog.  Champlain librarians will also be happy to help you identify resources within UVM's and SMC's collection.  

Because this is a reciprocal borrowing agreement, UVM and SMC faculty members and students can now borrow books from our library as well.  Although we don't expect an influx of UVM and SMC borrowers, please keep in mind that our book collection will become more heavily used.  If you plan to put books from our collection on reserve for your courses, remember to get your requests in early.