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Data Analytics

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It's no secret, companies such as Netflix, Amazon and Google have reshaped their industries using data and machine learning to build recommendation systems that encourage us to watch, buy or listen based on our previous choices. Similarly, nonprofits, non-governmental associations (NGOs) and social organizations have also used data for good, such as providing assistance with relief efforts after major earthquakes and helping prevent the spread of disease in impoverished countries. 

Businesses, environmentalists, governments, athletes, entrepreneurs and just about anyone who wants to be better, stronger, faster, more effective and/or more profitable are turning to data analysts for inspiration. That's why Champlain created its Data Analytics major, one of the few undergraduate programs of its kind in the country. You are at a unique position to be part of this change and lead it as a data analyst-interpreting big data to make brilliant, innovative decisions that will change how we live, work, play and save the world.

Data analysts require a unique set of qualities, including extraordinary curiosity, creative problem-solving, a love of a new challenges, solid math and communication skills, and a strong interest in technology. Our program does not require prior knowledge of programming but includes extensive training that combines programming with statistics and communication. You'll graduate with a well-rounded data skill set as well as the creativity and ingenuity to solve hard problems and complex challenges in today's job market.

Upside-Down Curriculum

The Upside-Down Curriculum allows you to dig into fundamental data analytics, programming and business courses, beginning in your first semester. You'll work with large structured or unstructured data sets to find insights that will influence business decisions—using data . You'll be able to obtain, clean and process data, as well as analyze and interpret data to ethically uncover hidden solutions business-related challenges. You'll also have hands-on experience using tools and writing programs to work with data, as well as make predictions using statistics and machine learning methods—imperative for today's business intelligence professionals. And with the variety of program electives available, you can customize your studies across a wide range of subjects.

The Data Analytics Experience

You'll study the most in demand data analytics skills employers are seeking: including machine learning and data mining in Python and SQL, statistics in SPSS, visualization in D3.js, geospatial analysis and bioinformatics as well as develop the agility to quickly acquire new programming languages as the workplace evolves. You will learn basic business concepts such as economics, finances and marketing.  Additionally, you will learn how to effectively present ideas clearly to targeted audiences and collaborate in groups on projects.

Students have explored how data analytics is applied in topics varying from social justice, such as analyzing if prisoners from different races, genders and ages get equal sentences for the same crimes, to public safety, in which students looked into car recall data and discovered patterns showing that car manufacturers were actually aware of some deadly problems but failed to report them. And because the Data Analytics major integrates elements from multiple fields, you'll be able to use data analytics to explore these intersections in a unique learning environment. 

Study Abroad in Montreal

We designed the curriculum of our majors to support a semester of international study, which means you can study in another country, or even complete an international internship, and still graduate on time. You have the option to study abroad at one of the Champlain campuses in Montreal, Canada, or Dublin, Ireland. At both international campuses, students can explore the world of ethics in computer sciences with a Global Information & Ethics course or customize their program with a business or communication course. Alternatively, you can take a semester studying anywhere in the world through one of our third-party international study partners.  


Fundamental to the program are the relationships you'll develop with industry partners who will mentor you on projects during the academic year. We intentionally help you make these connections and get the real-world experience you need to be prepared for a data analytics internship as soon as the summer after your first year. Such experiential study allows you the chance to tap into your curiosity early on and prepare to make discoveries in the world of big data.

Employment Outcomes

Data Scientist was named the #1 job in Glassdoor's "50 Best Jobs in America for 2018." Reports such as this confirm that knowledge of data analytics is high demand, and roles such as data scientist and data analysts are playing vital roles in emerging industries in the technology world.

Our Data Analytics program will prepare you to be a standout candidate for big data positions across a variety of industries—in public, private and non-profit organizations. You may explore a career in lucrative positions such as a data analyst, data architect, artificial intelligence (AI) specialist, business analyst, data engineer, data scientist or investment fund manager, among others. 

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