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Office of Institutional Research & Assessment

Using data to drive ideation and inspire action. We collect and transform data to continuously improve our College and achieve our goals using institutional knowledge and expertise.

Our objective as the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment is to “discover and disseminate” valid information about the institution in general, and student learning in particular, “to strengthen education, and externally … communicate with policy makers, families, and other stakeholders,” (NILOA). We are guided by the philosophy that asking the right questions is equally important to having the right answers.

To do this work we: (AIR)

  • Identify information needs
  • Collect, analyze, interpret, and report data and information
  • Plan and evaluate
  • Serve as stewards of data and information
  • Educate information producers, uses, and consumers

In its search to make high-quality, evidence-based decisions, the College relies on this office to produce accurate and reliable institutional level reports and analyses. Our office also responds to external requests for information about Champlain College and its students and provides data that students (and others) use to make important decisions about their higher education future.

We continually ask ourselves questions about how well the College is meeting its mission, how effectively we are deploying our resources, and how well our students are succeeding. It is our objective to measure, assess, and report on students’ persistence to graduation, engagement with the College’s learning environments, achievement of learning outcomes, and satisfaction with their Champlain experience.

Institutional research and assessment helps the entire community determine what we should celebrate and where we need more attention.

Institutional R & A by Area

We work with our internal campus partners and external organizations to collect and report data related to all aspects of the College’s operations. Learn more about our areas of work.

The Importance of Instructional Research & Assessment

  • Institutional Research provides the institution with data and analysis that can inform decision making at all levels of the organization. This can include resource allocation, policy development, response to enrollment trends, etc.

  • At Champlain College, we take accountability very seriously. We believe in transparency and compliance to all stakeholders, including accrediting bodies, students, governing bodies, and the public in general. Institutional Research plays a key role in gathering, analyzing and reporting accurate information to these stakeholders so we can demonstrate to our community how we are managing our resources, planning for the future, supporting our students and improving the student experience.

  • Institutional Research fosters a culture of growth and continuous improvement through assessment and support for successful program development. Institutional Research oversees assessment of learning outcomes, supports data-driven program review processes so we can continually improve our educational model to fit the needs of our students.

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    Our primary activities include:
    • Academic Program Development & Assessment
    • Data & Analytics
    • Surveys
    • Accreditation & Licensure

Office of Institutional Research & Assessment

Freeman Hall, Third Floor
163 S Willard St, Burlington, VT 05401
Monday – Friday
9:00 AM – 5:00 PM