Students capturing photos with their phones of the sunset over Lake Champlain

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You don't have to wait until school starts. Join us online now!

Whether you're looking to bond with your fellow classmates or want to immerse yourself in all things Champlain, we've got the platform for you. You'll find a ton of useful content across all of our social channels. And be sure to keep an eye out for a few special contests as well!

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Join our student-run Class of 2028 Discord server!

Request to join our student-run Class of 2028 Discord server to start chatting with your fellow admitted students right away. Current Champlain students moderate the server, and are available to answer any questions you may have (but make sure to check our FAQ channel first to find answers to common questions).

Class of 2028 Discord

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Connect on Instagram!

Request to join our closed admitted-student Instagram group for the Class of 2028 to connect with your fellow incoming students.Spoiler alert: there will be sunset photos shared.

Champlain Class of 2028 Instagram

The best photos you've ever seen (actually, though).

Campus life comes with picturesque scenes all around. Stay in the know about campus events, current happenings, and College updates. Plus: GIVEAWAYS!

Official Champlain Instagram

Connect with Champlain on Facebook @champlainedu

Want to be truly in the know about all things Champlain?

Facebook is a good place to find out. Learn about both undergraduate and graduate happenings, updates from our alumni network, Champlain in the news, and more.

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Connect with Champlain on Linkedin

See where Champlain can take you! As a Champlain student, your LinkedIn profile will be top-notch.

Our LinkedIn will give you a peek into the expansive professional network you'll start building within your first couple of years at Champlain. Watch out world!

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Connect with Champlain on Vimeo and Youtube

Catch us on both Vimeo and YouTube.

See Champlain in action! Watch student stories, speeches, and more.

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