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Fall Next Steps

Now that you submitted your enrollment deposit, let’s get ready for your first day!

Before you can officially start at Champlain, there are a few things to take care of. Here, you’ll find information on housing, form submissions, transcripts, due dates, and everything else you need before joining us on campus for the fall semester.

Enrollment Deposit Due & Account Activation Dates


  • To confirm your enrollment and reserve your place as a full-time student at Champlain College, please go to your Application Dashboard account to accept your offer of admission and submit your deposit. This will also start the process of reserving your space in a residence hall, if desired.

    Step 1. Log in to your Champlain Applicant Portal

    If you have a Champlain Applicant Portal account:

    If you do not already have a Champlain Applicant Portal account:

    Step 2. Accept Offer & Pay Enrollment Deposit

    Once you are logged in to the Champlain Applicant Portal:

    • If you have not already viewed your Admissions decision letter on the Applicant Portal, click on the golden envelope.
    • At the bottom of the screen, click the green “Reply to Offer,” then “Accept Offer,” and “Pay by Credit Card.” (You can also opt to “Pay Later,” but please be mindful of your specific deposit due date.)
    • If you previously viewed your Admissions decision letter on the Applicant Portal and opted to click “Pay Later,” you may now select “Pay My Deposit” and follow the screens to submit your deposit by credit card.

    Your $750 enrollment deposit is due as follows:

    • Early Decision I admission: January 5, 2024
    • Early Decision II admission: Three weeks after admittance
    • Regular Decision admission: Submit your deposit on May 1 or within three weeks of the date on your updated financial aid offer. Your enrollment deposit will be applied to your Fall and Spring tuition bills ($375 per semester). Deposits are nonrefundable.
    • Transfer student admission: Submit your nonrefundable deposit within two weeks of the date of your financial aid offer letter. Transfer students who submit their deposit by June 15 are guaranteed housing.

    The $750 enrollment deposit is an advance payment toward your Champlain College tuition and will be deducted from your final bill.

    • $375 of your deposit will be credited to the fall semester.
    • $375 of your deposit will be credited to the spring semester.

    If you have any questions, please call or text the Office of Admissions at (802) 625-0201.


    Within a week of submitting your deposit, you’ll receive an email from Champlain (subject: “Activate Your Champlain College Student Account”) letting you know your Champlain account is ready for activation.

    NOTE: You must activate your Champlain account in order to complete a number of essential tasks, including submitting your Housing Preference Form.

    To activate your account, visit and follow the “Account Activation” steps. If you already set up your Champlain account but forgot your password, visit to easily reset your password.

    TIP: Now is a great time to download the MyChamplain app on your smart device for easy access to Champlain tools and information. It is available for download on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

    Need Assistance?

    For Activation Questions:
    Champ Support
    (802) 860-2710

  • Around May 15, you will get a text message from Champlain letting you know your MyMail account is ready. Your new Champlain College email address is your If you previously set up your Champlain account but forgot your password, you can go to to easily reset your account.

    Plan to check your Champlain MyMail account regularly! This account will be used for all official electronic communication from faculty and staff, including information on billing notifications, financial aid, class notices and cancellations, and other news from campus.

Due June 1


    Once you have activated your Champlain account, you will be able to complete your Housing Preference Form. Please note that it can take two to three days after activating your Champlain account before you can access our online housing tool, so plan to activate your Champlain account at least a few days prior to June 1.

    The Housing Preference Form will be available as early as March 1. The deadline for submitting both your housing preference and roommate requests is June 1.

    How to Complete Your Housing Preference Form?

    • Once your Champlain account is activated, visit The Housing Director (THD), our online housing tool. Select the “New Students” option and log in using your Champlain College Student Account username and password. (Your username is your firstname.lastname.)
      • Having trouble logging in? Make sure you are using the “New Students” option. You may also need to try another browser. If you continue to experience issues, contact Housing & Residential Life by email ( or by phone at (802) 860-2704.
    • Once logged in, you will be taken to the Housing home page. Click on “Applications” from the menu and select “Incoming Student Housing Preference Form (Fall 2024)” from the drop-down menu.
    • Provide an electronic signature for the Main Campus Housing Agreement and click “Continue.”
    • Complete the “My Information” portion of the Housing Selection Preference Form, indicating the choices that best suit your lifestyle. Click “Continue.”
    • Add your Living Requests to rank your top three building preferences. Click “Continue” to submit your form.

    Can I edit my form after I submit it?

    Yes! You may edit your Housing Preference Form as much as you wish before June 1. There is no downside to editing the form; the more information we have, the better we’ll be able to pair you with your new roommates!

    What if I need to cancel my housing?

    Get in touch with Housing & Residential Life at as soon as possible if your plans for on-campus housing change after you have submitted your Housing Preference Form. Students placed in College housing are bound by the following cancellation policy.

    Incoming first-year and transfer students who reserve Main Campus housing by submitting the Incoming Student Housing Preference Form on THD have until August 1, 2024, to cancel their housing request without penalty. Beginning August 2, 2024, the following fees apply based on the date of cancellation:

    • Cancel Aug 2-Aug 15, 2024: $250 cancellation fee
    • Cancel anytime on or after Aug 16, 2024: $500 cancellation fee
    • Cancel after move-in, including midyear: Student is responsible for the full cost of the semester, plus $500 cancellation fee

    How do I find and select a roommate?

    You can do that within THD as well! In fact, you’ll be able to create a personal roommate profile and search for other students with similar interests. Individuals who wish to live together must both select one another. Roommate searching is available through June. To find and select roommates:

    • Complete a Roommate Profile by selecting the “Personal Information” tab from the menu of the Housing home page, then click “Roommate Profile.” (Maintain the default setting “Profile Privacy: Display my information and my profile” to enable roommate selection.)
    • Add your Contact Information and fill out the My Profile section so that other students can learn more about you. Then click “Update Roommate Profile.”
    • To search for a roommate, select “Room Selection” from the menu, then “Select Roommates.”
    • Change the Term to “Fall 2024.”
    • Use the “Search for Roommate” section to identify other students with lifestyle choices and interests similar to your own. Students who meet your search requirements will be displayed.
    • Students who have already identified a roommate can search for that individual using the “First Name” and “Last Name” fields. (Only students who submitted an Incoming Student Housing Preference Form will appear in the results.)

    You may contact any students you would like to connect with before requesting them as a roommate. Their preferred contact information is in their profile. When you’ve selected the individual(s) you would like to live with, click “Request Roommate.” After a request is sent, the other student must confirm or cancel the request. Once a confirmation is complete, you’re done!

    Housing assignments will be made by August 1 and will appear on your THD home page.

  • Champlain College students with documented disabilities may request appropriate and reasonable housing accommodations within the context of current housing policies. If you are in need of housing accommodations, please submit the appropriate accommodations forms by June 1.

    Forms to request these accommodations can be found on the Housing Accommodations web page.

    Upon receipt of a completed Housing Accommodation Request Form, a staff member will be in touch to discuss your needs.

    Need Assistance?

    For Accommodations Questions:
    Office of Accessibility
    (802) 865-5764

  • You may designate Authorized Users (parents/guardians) to help manage the bill-paying process. Unless parents/guardians are specifically authorized, only you will have access to view and/or pay the bill. Find directions for setting up Authorized Users.

Due June 15

  • The Office of Accessibility strives to provide equal access and services to students with disabilities. Our staff will work with students to coordinate the academic accommodations needed to address learning, physical, or psychological concerns. If you are in need of academic accommodations, please submit the appropriate accommodations form and documentation by June 15.

    Accommodations Forms

    You can find the forms to request these accommodations on the Academic Accommodations web page.


    Please submit professional documentation of your disability that is current, comprehensive, and objective to the Office of Accessibility with your Academic Accommodations Request Form. The information in an IEP, 504 Plan, or Transition Plan may be appropriate documentation. Students should also include a neuropsychological evaluation report as supporting documentation. The documentation should be sent to Champlain College’s Office of Accessibility.

    Questions about documentation?

    See the Office of Accessibility Handbook or contact us directly.

    Upon receipt of a completed Accommodations Request Form, a staff member will be in touch to discuss your needs.

    TIP: Even if you don’t require accommodations, it’s worth familiarizing yourself with the resources Champlain offers. Visit

    Need Assistance?

    For Academic Accommodations Questions:
    Office of Accessibility
    (802) 865-5764

Due June 17


    All incoming first-year students will be registered for their first semester courses by an Academic Specialist in the Registrar’s Office. Some students may have the option to choose from different elective classes in their first semester. If you have a choice of elective, you will be contacted by your Academic Specialist via your Champlain MyMail account about your course selection choices. Please be sure to reply to your Academic Specialist by June 17.

Due July 1


    Within two weeks of making your deposit, you will be contacted via email by your Compass Student Services Representative. This person will be your primary contact for the business side of your enrollment—and they’ll be there to help you for the rest of your time at Champlain College, starting now!

    Your new student appointment allows you to connect with your representative and get important information about what comes next. Your family is invited to join if you wish. This appointment should be completed by July 1 to ensure you have everything you need to be set up for success.


    The caring staff in Champlain’s Student Health Center support student development by providing confidential, high-quality physical and mental health care along with responsible referrals when necessary. Vermont state law requires that all students provide up-to-date immunization information.

    To complete your Medical Clearances (which include immunization records, health history, and consent forms):

    • Go to and “Sign into Champlain using Google.”
    • Enter your Champlain MyMail username and password.
    • Enter your date of birth and click “Proceed.”
    • You will see several menu options on the left side of the screen. Begin by clicking “Profile” and confirming that all of the information is accurate.
    • Next, select “Forms and Immunization Requirements.” This section includes several consent forms, your health history, and immunizations.
    • After you complete the consent forms and health history, select “Immunization Records.”

    Required: Upload a record of your immunization history

    If you already have a copy of your immunization record, upload it through the online portal. Otherwise, download and print the form and have it completed by your provider, then upload it. After uploading a complete vaccination record, please enter the dates you received each required vaccination by clicking the vaccine name. The required list of vaccines is included on the form and the website.

    Student Health will review your information and contact you via the Patient Portal, which sends a notification of the message to your Champlain College MyMail account, if more information is needed for clearance.

    Optional: Add a health insurance card

    If you have a health insurance card and would like to add it to your record, you may upload a copy by clicking “Health Insurance Card.” Your health insurance will only be billed if an off-campus referral or labs are required. This form is separate from the student health insurance offered and billed by Champlain College.

    If you have health coverage and do not wish to pay for health insurance from Champlain College, please review and complete the online waiver form by August 1.

    Need Assistance?

    Student Health Center
    Message via Patient Portal

  • Students who plan to bring an Assistance Animal (such as an Emotional Support Animal) to campus must obtain approval from the Office of Accessibility by submitting a request by July 1. If you would like to request to bring an Assistance Animal to campus, please contact the Office of Accessibility.

    Note: Emotional Support Animals do not require “certification.” Please be careful of online scams claiming to certify your animal.

    The Office of Accessibility will provide the student with an ESA Request Form. The form will need to be filled out by a provider, such as a physician, psychologist, psychiatrist, or other mental health professional. Once received, the Office of Accessibility will review the student’s ESA Request Form. If a student’s request is approved, the student shall be required to provide vaccination records and a clean bill of health from a veterinarian. The student’s roommate(s) must also consent to have the animal in their shared living space. Upon receipt of a completed ESA Request Form, a staff member will be in touch.

    Need Assistance?

    For Assistance Animal Questions:
    Office of Accessibility
    (802) 865-5764

Due July 15

  • Complete All Federal Loan Requirements (If Applicable)

    If you have been offered a Federal Direct Subsidized and/or Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan and you wish to take advantage of them. There is a two-step process you must complete before the funds can be disbursed to your account:

      1. Read and sign the Loan Agreement (Master Promissory Note).
      2. Complete Entrance Counseling.

    To complete these tasks:

      • Visit
      • Sign in using your FSA ID.
      • Click “Complete Loan Agreement (MPN).”
      • Click “Start” for the MPN for Subsidized/Unsubsidized Loans.
      • Complete the required information, sign, and submit.
      • Click “Complete Loan Counseling.”
      • Click “Start” for Entrance Counseling.
      • Complete the required information and submit.


Due July 31

  • Champlain College recognizes that some students use a different name than the one they were assigned at birth, as it does not reflect their identity. We also recognize that, for a variety of reasons, students may not wish to go through the process of a legal name change–or may be in the middle of doing so–but wish to have their school records reflect their chosen name before the process is complete. To accommodate this, Champlain has staff in place to assist students who wish to update their email addresses, academic class listings, and ID cards with their chosen name.

    To inquire about or begin the process of updating your email address, academic class listing, and ID card, please complete the Chosen Name Request Form. Learn more about updating your personal information. The process will begin this summer prior to the start of the semester.

    The request to use a chosen name can be made at any point after you have enrolled as a student but must be completed by July 31 to ensure that our records will be updated for the start of the semester. Any requests made after July 31 will be completed as quickly as possible and can be updated after the start of the semester when necessary.

    Need Assistance?

    For Name Change Questions:
    Lisa Mazzariello
    Assistant Vice President of Student Affairs, Diversity & Inclusion
    (802) 651-5904

Due August 1

  • Please ask your high school guidance office to send a copy of your final high school transcript to the Office of Admissions. If you have taken any AP Exams, have an official score report from the College Board sent to us as soon as possible.

    If you have taken courses at a college, please have that institution send us an official transcript, either electronically or by mail. Any courses completed for college credit must have an official transcript from the college to be considered for transfer credit.

    All transcripts can be sent either electronically or by mail.

    Mail Transcripts to:

    Champlain College
    Office of Admissions
    P.O. Box 670
    Burlington, VT 05402

    Send Transcripts Electronically to:

  • The Office of International Student Services hosts a mandatory International Orientation from Monday, August 19–Thursday, August 22, 2024, to help new and transfer international students, exchange visitors, and U.S. citizens from abroad adjust to the campus and community. This orientation is in addition to New Student Orientation.

    Students attending International Orientation are expected to arrive at Champlain College on either Sunday, August 18 or by 1:00PM Monday, August 19. If students arrive earlier, housing, food, and transportation will be their personal responsibility.

    Although not required for U.S. dual citizens or New Americans, International Orientation is open to U.S. dual citizens, New Americans, U.S. Refugees, U.S. Asylees, and U.S. Permanent Residents, especially if they have lived and been educated outside of the United States for most of their lives.

    Need Assistance?

    Contact Jessa Karki


    All students must be covered by a health insurance policy. All full-time students are automatically enrolled and billed for the College health insurance plan. The cost for the 2024-2025 academic year is $2780. The full amount will be charged on the Fall Billing Statement. If you already have full medical coverage and would like to waive the Champlain College plan, complete the steps below.


    • Have your existing insurance card on hand.
    • Navigate to the waiver page and click on the blue “Waiver” tab to DECLINE the Champlain College Health Insurance.
    • Read the Disclosure Acknowledgment to ensure you understand the insurance coverage. Next, choose “Continue” at the bottom and go to the waiver form.
    • Enter all the health insurance information from your existing policy.
    • Complete the electronic signature and click “Submit.”
    • Confirm that you completed the process. If you did not receive a confirmation email, the waiver did not go through and you must repeat the process. Print out and save the confirmation email.

    TIP: You can access your insurance cards, view claims, and more by downloading the Wellfleet Student app on your smart device.


    • The annual cost will remain on your account to cover the full academic year.
    • Email Compass Student Services ( to confirm that you want the Champlain College health insurance coverage and will not be waiving it.
    • You must be a full-time, enrolled student to be eligible for the Champlain College health insurance.
    • Health insurance cards are available online beginning in mid- to late September.

  • We offer payment plans that enable you to pay your Champlain bill over the course of several months. Learn more about this option and view the available plans.

    Families that do not choose a payment plan will make two tuition payments. The Fall semester bill is due in full by August 1, 2024; the Spring semester bill is due in full by December 1, 2024.

    NOTE: Families that choose a payment plan must re-enroll in the plan each semester.

    TIP: If you are paying by check, including 529 Plan disbursements, please be sure to leave plenty of time for the payment to arrive on time to avoid late payment fees.

    Need Assistance?

    For Billing Questions:
    Compass Student Services
    (802) 992-1474 (call/text)

  • The Federal Direct Parent PLUS Loan eligibility on your Financial Aid Offer letter indicates the maximum loan amount your parent is eligible to apply for if they wish to borrow through this federal loan program. In order for this loan to be recognized as payment for your bill, these steps must be completed and your loan must be approved before the billing due date of August 1, 2024. The completed information will be electronically transmitted and received by the College within two to four business days.

    Note: The Federal Direct Parent PLUS Loan is credit-based and your parent must be approved annually on their own or with a cosigner.

    If your parent plans to borrow the Federal Direct Parent PLUS Loan to cover all or a portion of your bill, the parent borrower must apply for the loan by completing the following steps:

    • Visit
    • Sign in using parent’s FSA ID.
    • Click “Apply for a Direct PLUS Loan.”
    • Click “Start” for the Direct PLUS Loan Application for Parents.
    • Complete the required information and submit. The parent borrower will receive immediate notification if the loan was approved.
    • Click “Complete Loan Agreement (Master Promissory Note/MPN).
    • Select “Start” for the PLUS MPN for Parents.
    • Complete the required information, sign electronically, and submit.

    Tuition and related fees for full-time students are billed each semester. Balances are due August 1 for the Fall 2024 semester and December 1 for the Spring 2025 semester. You will receive an email notification when your bill is ready to be viewed.

    Only the student will have access to view/pay the bill unless a parent/guardian is authorized by the student (see: Add Authorized Users to learn how to authorize a parent/guardian).

    View and Pay Your Bill Now

    Students & authorized users can sign into the billing system here.

    TIP: If you are paying by check, including 529 Plan disbursements, please be sure to leave plenty of time for the payment to arrive on time to avoid late payment fees.

    Need Assistance?

    For Billing Questions:
    Compass Student Services
    (802) 992-1474 (call/text)

  • Students scheduled to take MTH 230: Calculus I in the fall—including those students majoring in Applied Mathematics, Game Programming, and Computer Science & Innovation-are required to take and pass an online Calculus Readiness Test before being enrolled in MTH 230. Information about this test will be emailed to those students on June 24. The test must be completed by August 1 in order to finalize class schedules.

    If you did not receive information by email about the Calculus Readiness Test by July 7 but are interested in taking MTH 230, please contact Professor Melanie Brown at

  • Your Champlain ID is something you’ll use every day—it serves as your student ID, meal plan card, and residence hall key. You’ll be able to use your ID card like a debit card at the Campus Store, mail room, and campus laundry facilities, plus multiple vendors in the greater Burlington area. Your ID card also allows you to ride for free on any Green Mountain Transit bus!

    TIP: You can access your meal plan, view your card balance, pre-order food from EATS food court, view dining hall menus, and more by downloading the Everyday app to your smart device.

    How to upload photo for your Champlain ID card:

    • Find or take a color picture of yourself that you are pleased with and fits the following requirements:
      • It must be identifiably “you” or it will be rejected
      • No hats, no sunglasses
      • Solid color backgrounds
      • The image should be cropped to a square with your head and torso centered and plenty of space around the sides and top
    • Make sure that you’ve got the digital image in a .jpg format
    • Visit the Compass website. Read the “Instructions for New Students” section and create a WebCard account
    • Upload your photo to WebCard

    Please upload a photo for your ID card by August 1. Once you’ve done that, you can start adding funds to your card.

    How to add funds to your ID card:

    Once you have uploaded a photo for your ID card, visit to make a deposit to your account. You’ll also be able to check your balance and track your spending online by logging in to your WebCard account.

    Learn more about using your WebCard account and your ID card, including how to find out which washers and dryers are available and where you can use your ID card off campus.

  • Can’t wait to see your class schedule for the fall? No problem. By August 1, the Registrar’s Office will have your classes sorted out, and you will be able to view your entire fall schedule.

    How to view your Fall Schedule:

    • Log in to “Self Service
    • Click on “Student Planning
    • Click on “Plan and Schedule

    NOTE: Class schedules are subject to change until classes begin in late August for the Fall 2024 semester. Remember to check your schedule on the first day of classes to make sure your classrooms haven’t changed.

    TIP: Once you know your courses, you can start thinking about options for purchasing your books. Save money by utilizing the Champlain Campus Store Best Price Promise.

  • Housing assignments will be made by August 1, and will appear on your THD home page. Roommate information, if applicable, will also be available.


    As you start to prepare for Orientation, Student Central is THE place to go for all the important details. You’ll also find helpful tips to make your first week of classes, as well as your first semester, a success!

    To Log in to Student Central:

    • Go to
    • Click “Sign in to Champlain Using Google,” then enter your username and password
    • Locate Student Central Under “Courses” on the left side panel

Other Important August Dates

  • The first step on your journey to career and life readiness is activating your InSight course in Canvas, Champlain’s learning management system.

    InSight is Champlain’s required life skills program that focuses on the themes of career, personal finance, and wellbeing. This four-year program happens outside of the classroom through a series of assignments, which we call milestones. Your InSight Canvas course will be your self-serve tool to navigate your InSight progress. Each year, you’ll get to complete a set of InSight milestones, starting with the milestones outlined below.

    Please Read This Information Carefully:

    Starting August 14, you’ll have access to your InSight course on Canvas, where you’ll be able to complete your InSight Kickoff Survey and find instructions to complete your Handshake profile milestone. You’ll be able to track all your other assigned milestones for the year in this course.

    To Activate Your Insight Course & Start Completing the Milestones:

    • Go to (starting August 14).
    • Complete the “InSight Kickoff Survey.” This will take about 10 minutes and is a basic introduction to the themes InSight covers—there are no right or wrong answers! (Due September 6)
    • Click on “Handshake Profile & Resume Upload” and follow the instructions to log into Handshake, our event management and job search system. To complete this assignment, you’ll need to upload your high school resume to the “My Documents” section. (Due September 6)

    You’ll also receive an email to your MyMail account from Career Collaborative with step-by-step instructions and a link to your InSight course.

  • If you are considering getting a job while in school, the Federal Work-Study recruitment process begins on Wednesday, August 14.

    On August 14, you will receive an email from Career Collaborative to your MyMail account with instructions on how to access your Handshake account and search for jobs. There are hundreds of on-campus jobs—many of which are connected to your major-so chances are good you can land something related to your interests that will help you develop strong professional skills.

    Once you’ve been hired, you will complete an I-9 form. The Department of Homeland Security requires specific identification that establishes both identity and employment authorization. See Resources for Student Employees for a list of acceptable identification and be sure to bring it with you to campus; photocopies are not accepted. You will not be able to begin work without this documentation.

    Use Handshake for Your Federal Work-Study/On-Campus Job Search

    Handshake is Champlain College’s online career management platform. It will be your go-to resource for finding jobs and internships, scheduling appointments with your Career Coach, and registering for career events. Handshake accounts will be created for all new students. Watch your Champlain College MyMail for instructions to access your account and search for jobs.

    Attend the Work-Study and Part-Time Job Fair on August 28

    Don’t miss this opportunity to talk to hiring supervisors from across campus. More information can be found at Career Collaborative.

  • To complete your Emergency Contact Form, login to Self Service. At the top right of the screen, click on your username. Select “User Profile”. At the top left of the new screen, click “Options”. Select “Emergency Contact”. Complete the form and click “Submit”.

  • AUGUST 19–21

    International Orientation is designed to help our international students, exchange visitors, and those who have lived their lives outside of the United States settle into their new life in Burlington. In addition to gaining a better understanding of immigration and visa-related issues, you’ll have the opportunity to explore the campus and community, make new friends, and learn more about the culture and customs of the United States. Above all else, it will also be a chance to have some fun as you begin your Champlain experience through a variety of different activities, workshops, and outings.

    Need Assistance?

    For International Questions:
    Office of International Student Services
    Jessa Karki
    (802) 865-6485

  • AUGUST 23–25

    Orientation kicks off with Move-In, where our crews will be ready to help you move into your new home away from home. With residence halls opening at 8:00 AM, you’ll have plenty of time to settle in before lunch and the President’s Welcome. From there, it’s off to a fun-filled weekend of Orientation activities! You may not move in on August 24 or 25—you must move in on the morning of August 23.

    NOTE: Orientation is an incredibly important part of your Champlain experience! It’s also mandatory. As Orientation gets closer, we will update this page with links to find more information and a schedule.
    What You Can Expect

    • 8:00 AM | Residence halls open. Check in formally in front of your residence hall to receive your full Orientation schedule and meet your Orientation Leader.
    • 11:00 AM | Commuter student arrival. Check-in is at Perry Hall (Maple Street entrance).
    • 11:00 AM-1:00 PM | Lunch. Lunch will be available for all incoming students and their family members. Families of commuting students are welcome to join them for lunch and the President’s Welcome.
    • 1:00 PM | President’s Welcome. Immediately following the President’s Welcome, parents will depart—and you will head off to Orientation activities for the rest of the day and the remainder of the weekend.

    Need Assistance?

    For Move-In Questions:
    Housing & Residential Life
    (802) 860-2704

    For Orientation Questions:
    Office of Student Engagement
    (802) 865-6436

  • Please sign up before August 24, 2024, by completing this form. The test will be administered on August 25.

    The Calculus Waiver Exam is an optional test designed for students who took calculus in high school but either did not take the AP Exam or received an AP score of 3 or below. Passing this test waives MTH 230: Calculus I, enabling students to register for upper-level math courses that require MTH 230 as a prerequisite. While passing this test waives MTH 230, students do not receive any college credits toward graduation. A passing score is 70 or higher.

    For students in majors with a choice of math course, passing this test also waives the math requirement for the major. For students in majors requiring MTH 180: Introduction to Statistics, passing this test does NOT waive this statistics requirement.

    This exam is administered during New Student Orientation, and students who register will receive more details about permitted materials and the specific schedule in early August. Please contact Professor Melanie Brown at with questions about the Calculus Waiver Exam.


    Students pursuing a major with programming requirements who have significant prior experience in JavaScript, C++, or Python may benefit from being placed into an advanced programming course. In order to determine a student’s suitability to waive an introductory-level programming course, the College offers waiver exams for three courses:

    • CSI 120 Introduction to Mobile & Web Development (JavaScript)
    • CSI 140 Introduction to Programming (C++)
    • CSI 160 Introduction to Python

    Exams include a test and programming tasks representative of the work involved in the course. Note that completing the programming tasks may take several hours, so only students who feel confident in their ability should attempt the waiver exam.

    Passing the exam requires an overall score of 80% or higher. Receiving a waiver does not provide the student with college credit but instead the ability to opt out of an intro-level class in the specific programming language required by their program. For example, a student who passes the CSI 140 Intro to Programming waiver exam, can immediately proceed to CSI 240 Advanced Programming.

    For more details, including how to determine if a waiver exam is right for you, please review the Programming Waiver Exam page.


  • Use Champlain’s subscription to TurboVote to sign up for election reminders and get help with voter registration and voting by mail so you can actively participate in the democratic process while in college.

Fall Admitted Students

Perry Hall, 1st Floor
PO Box 670
Burlington VT 05402
Monday – Friday
Fax: 802-419-4957