Congratulations! You’re In!

Getting into college is a huge accomplishment, and you did it!

Your Champlain College journey is just beginning, and we can’t wait to see where it takes you. From the classes you’ll take and the internships you’ll get to the friends you’ll meet and the experiences you’ll have—your new life awaits.

But before you embark on this new adventure, there are a few more steps for you to take. Don’t worry, the hard part is over! Now it’s all forms and fun. And we’ll be here to guide you through everything. Before you know it, it’ll be move-in day!


Confirm Your Enrollment

To accept your offer of enrollment and reserve your place as a full-time first-year or transfer student entering in August 2023, all you need to do is submit your enrollment deposit. You can do it right now online.


View of roofs and Lake Champlain in the distance

Next Steps

Here, you'll find our calendar of next steps, with information about when you start certain tasks and when they are due.

Take Your Next Steps

sign "Your Future"

Connect With the Class of 2027

Find your new friends on our student-moderated Discord channel. Introduce yourself and get your questions answered.


Three Champlain students pose for the camera on a boat cruise


Meet Our Students


View overlooking campus at dusk.
Two students posing in front of a store window that says "Welcome to Burlington"
Students collaborate in a study group in the top floor of the library with a view of campus and Lake Champlain in the background.
Student hockey player dressed in hockey gear posing with a hockey stick outside on a frozen Lake Champlain
View across campus to sun setting over Lake Champlain
Student poses in front of a wall on which is written "The Game Studio at Champlain College"
Four students around a table in a common room with a view of Lake Champlain and mountains behind them
Line of students sitting at desks and working in a computer lab
Professor standing at the front of a classroom pointing to a whiteboard. Students site in front of computers in front of the professor
A group of students gathered together on top of a stone wall with the Champlain College welcome sign.
Common room, which features a fireplace and comfy furniture, in an upper-year res hall
Students sit inside a contemporary res hall common room
Ubisoft Winning team
Exterior of a Victorian-era mansion res hall
Exterior of a Victorian-era mansion res hall
Professor advises a student one-on-one during office hours
Students network at a Stiller Women in Business event
Students hanging out in Dining Hall in the evening.
Students taking in the view from the top of Mount Philo.
A group of students perorming and filming in VPR's studio.