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At Champlain College, we're passionately committed to social justice and providing equal, fair, and inclusive treatment for all members of our community. To create a supportive educational environment and to prepare students for life experiences, Champlain seeks—and often creates—new opportunities to better understand our own beliefs, values, and cultures, and then share them with our community at large. That's why we've created the Center for Community & Social Justice.

The mission of the new Center for Community and Social Justice is to develop next practice models of community engagement, social safety networks, and policing that support whole community health and safety. The Center will serve as a think tank and incubator for longer-term societal solutions. 

"Systemic racism is a public health issue, and one that should be addressed at every level," says Dr. Patti Aldridge, Champlain's Social Work Program Director. "To do this, we must learn to be actively antiracist and to bring antiracist practices into our lives and workplaces."

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