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Center for Community & Social Justice

The Center for Community & Social Justice is a space for bringing Champlain’s expertise in criminal justice, social work, and other disciplines across the College together to encourage conversations with different voices—particularly of community members that are most affected by our current systems and structures—to create a vision and action steps for a more just society.

To create a supportive educational environment and to prepare students for life experiences, Champlain seeks—and often creates—new opportunities to better understand our own beliefs, values, and cultures, and then share them with our community at large. That’s why we’ve created the Center for Community & Social Justice.

At the Center for Community and Social Justice, we are committed to building a more equitable and inclusive world for all. Our mission is to empower individuals, organizations, and communities to create positive change through education, advocacy, and action. The mission of the new Center for Community and Social Justice is to develop next practice models of community engagement, social safety networks, and policing that support whole community health and safety. The Center serves as a think tank and incubator for longer-term societal solutions.

We’re passionately committed to social justice and providing equal, fair, and inclusive treatment for all members of our community.

Our Programs & Initiatives

Advocacy and Outreach: Our advocacy initiatives focus on amplifying the voices of marginalized communities and addressing systemic injustices. We work tirelessly to advocate for policies that promote fairness, equality, and social change. Join us in making your voice heard and advocating for a better future.

Community Building: We believe that true change starts with strong, interconnected communities. Our community-building efforts aim to bring people together, fostering understanding, empathy, and collaboration. Through events, discussion groups, and networking opportunities, we create spaces where individuals can learn from one another and support common goals.

Research and Resources: We stay at the forefront of social justice issues, providing access to valuable resources, research, and information. Our aim is to equip you with the tools you need to engage in meaningful dialogue and drive positive change in your community.

Systemic racism is a public health issue, and one that should be addressed at every level. To do this, we must learn to be actively antiracist and to bring antiracist practices into our lives and workplaces.
Dr. Patti Aldridge, Dean, School of Social Innovation

Lets Work Together!

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Meet the Team

The Center for Community and Social Justice is led by Tony Perriello and staffed by our Center Faculty Fellows. Our team includes leaders in the community who are dedicated to finding solutions to social and environmental challenges. At the Center, you will find an engaged community working to make our community, and our world, better for all of us.

Center for Community & Social Justice

Freeman Hall
Monday – Friday
9 AM – 5 PM (EST)