Res Tri Project

The new dorms and res quad complete and ready for our students! HERE IS A LIVE SHOT OF THE COMPLETED PROJECT.



A cornerstone of Champlain College's master plan is to house 90% of the college's student body on campus. The Res Tri Project is a significant component in attaining the goals of the Plan.

The Res Tri Project consisted of adding three residence halls, green space, landscaping, and a promenade in the area bounded by Main Street, South Willard Street, Maple Street and Edmunds School on the 4.66 acre site. A central promenade from Main Street to Perry Hall provides access to classrooms, dining halls, residence halls and administrative offices. The promenade creates an internal student walkway that will draw students off the public sidewalks to an internal campus environment.

The Project was constructed in two phases. Phase I began in June 2011, and it included the construction of Juniper Hall (Res A), ancillary site improvements, and infrastructure supporting the phase. Juniper Hall was completed for fall 2012 occupancy.

Phase II construction began in spring 2013. The project included the construction of two (2) steel frame, brick veneer dormitories (Butler and Valcour Hall) and related site work on land near the buildings of Skiff, Whiting and McDonald Halls, located on the campus of Champlain College. When completed, Butler Hall will have a GSF of 26,730 and contain 89 beds. Valcour Hall will have a GSF of 30,028 and contain 91 beds. Res Tri Project was completied July 2014.

All three dorms are slated for LEED Gold certification.

CBT LogoThe primary architect working on this project is CBT Architects, a Boston-based professional design firm providing services in architecture, interior design and urban design. Founded in 1967, the firm's practice ranges from multi-family residential structures and developments, to major office towers and urban district renewals, to a host of academic campus facilities. This variety of experience informs the unique approach we take to understanding all user needs. Over 175 awards recognize excellence and creativity in our design of new buildings and the renovation of existing structures. CBT currently employs 140 architects, planners, interior designers, and support personnel. For more information go to: