Rozendaal Courtyard

September 21, 2016

Rozendaal Courtyard is complete and it looks fabulous!

north/south viewcorner garden south/north

eating area

The College moved forward this summer with the long awaited renovations to Rozendaal Courtyard, the concrete plaza east of the CCM Eats dining area that provides a pedestrian connection between Maple Street and the IDX Student Life Center. Construction commenced Tuesday, May 31. S.D. Ireland is the general contractor.

The scope of work included new surface materials, additional landscaping and outdoor social spaces. We completed work in phases to accommodate pedestrian traffic during the summer and allow for temporary detours.  S.D. Ireland had safety personnel on site to assist with navigation.  Given the "tight quarters" of the site, the Work was executed in five (5) phases in order to minimize impacts associated with providing access to adjacent buildings. With Maple Street being the only construction access to the work area, construction started at the southern end of the site (entrance to the IDX Student Center) and progressed northward to the Hauke/Ireland underpass and Maple Street.