Contracts & Risk Management

The Contract & Risk Management office (referred to here as "Risk Management") is an office in the Finance & Administration Division that works with students, faculty and staff to evaluate and plan for the various risks that may affect the success of College activities. These risks can involve safety, financial, contractual, legal and other issues.

Common Questions and Risk Management Resources:

Q: If I'm a College employee, how do I report a work-related injury or make a workers' compensation claim?
The People Center handles reporting of workplace injuries and workers' compensation matters. Please go to the People Center page for Workers' Compensation issues for an injury report form, procedures for reporting workplace injuries and other information.

Q: How do employees create contracts to purchase products or services for the College?
Risk Management works with faculty and staff on contract matters and reviews all business contracts. For an overview of the process please see the following document:

Q: What is the policy about driving College vehicles?
The transportation policy (Fleet Safety Program) provides full details about driver authorization, rules about use of vehicles and more. The policy is administered by Risk Management and Campus Public Safety and can be found at the link below. For specific questions please contact Risk Management.

Q: What do I need to know about risk management for a faculty or staff led trip?
Risk Management is one of the departments that helps plan for and approve trips. Please see the following information:

Q: Do I need approval to organize an on-campus activity?
Activities that may involve a higher level of risk (such as events with minors or events involving risk of injury) should be reviewed and approved by Risk Management.

Q: Where do I report an incident involving property damage or personal injury?
Risk Management handles insurance claims for and against the College, and is the liaison with outside counsel for legal claims. If you are involved with an incident involving property damage or personal injury:

  • For emergencies dial 911
  • Contact Campus Public Safety for assistance and to report incidents by calling (802) 865-6465, or by dialing 3333 on any residence hall or campus phone, or by using any of the emergency yellow call boxes located around campus
  • Follow up by contacting Risk Management regarding insurance claims or legal issues

Q: Will the College pay for a student's personal property that was damaged or stolen?
The College only pays for damaged/stolen property if the loss was due to the negligence of the College. Students who believe the College is responsible for damage to their property should contact their RA (if the damage occurred in a residence hall) or Risk Management (if the damage occurred outside a residence hall). Below is a claim form and description of the claim procedure:

Q: Do students need to sign a liability waiver for an event or activity?
Students may need to sign waivers in order to participate in certain trips and activities. Contact Risk Management to discuss waivers forms.

Q: How do I provide a proof of insurance form (certificate of insurance) to an outside company or organization?
Request certificates of insurance from Risk Management.

Q: Is there a form I can use to prepare a Request for Proposal for contract services?
Yes. Click here to use the RFP template. Contact Risk Management if you have any questions about how to fill it out.

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