The Senior Contract & Risk Management Director is part of the Finance office. Together they work with students, faculty and staff to review and manage College contracts and address various risks that may impact the College. These risks can involve safety, financial, contractual, legal and other issues. See the FAQ below for more information and resources.

Contract & Risk Management FAQ and Resources

  • Fill out and submit the Google form Contract Review Request to have a contract reviewed and signed. You can upload your draft contract to that Google form or email documents to the Senior Contract & Risk Management Director. Note that most contracts can only be signed by the Finance Office.

  • Field trips and activities that may involve a higher level of risk (such as events with minors or events involving risk of injury) should be reviewed and approved by Risk Management.

    Students may need to sign release forms in order to participate in certain trips and activities. Contact Risk Management to obtain release forms.

  • Risk Management handles insurance claims for and against the College, and is the liaison with outside counsel for legal claims. If you are involved with an incident involving property damage or personal injury:

    • For emergencies, dial 911.
    • Contact Campus Public Safety for assistance and to report incidents by calling (802) 865-6465.
    • Follow up by contacting Risk Management regarding insurance claims or legal issues.
    • Students are responsible for their own personal property and the College does not insure personal property of students. Students who believe the College is responsible for damage to their property should contact their RA (if the damage occurred in a residence hall) or Risk Management (if the damage occurred outside a residence hall). The College only pays for damaged/stolen property if the loss was due to the fault of the College.

    Student Property Damage – Procedure for Claims and Claim Form

  • Request certificates of insurance from Risk Management.

Contracts & Risk Management

Monday – Friday
8:30am – 4:30pm