Green Mountain Melodies

Viewing Historic Music Through A 21st Century Lens

A green and brown landscape of a building next to a stream with a tree in the forefront and the words Green Mountain Melodies at the bottom.

During the 2019-2020 academic year, undergraduate students from several disciplines studied the historic Vermont sheet music in the Champlain College Special Collections. A team of three Broadcast Media Production majors, led by Travis Washington, Class of 2020, produced Forget-Me-Not Vermont, a ten-minute documentary film exploring the interrelated themes of gender roles and standards of beauty through a critical assessment of eight nineteenth and twentieth-century songs in the collection. Washington collaborated with the College's student a cappella group, Purposeful Dissonance, to select five of the featured songs to be performed in the film. Students enrolled in an events management class assisted with the planning of a community local history event to showcase the project.

Green Mountain Melodies was made possible by a Humanities Research for the Public Good grant, funded by the Council of Independent Colleges and the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, and completed in collaboration with Vermont Public Radio, Linda Radtke, and Dr. Wayne Schneider. Additional support was provided by Pat Robins and Lisa Schamberg. We are honored to receive their support. Learn more about the project, view the documentary, and much more.