What is the Best Price Promise?

The Best Price Promise is a program designed to give you the best price on textbooks, whether you are renting them, buying them or selling them back. If you find a lower textbook price or buyback quote, we’ll BEAT it by 10%. That’s a promise.

How does it work for buying or renting books?

If you find a textbook somewhere else locally or online that boasts a lower price, bring in the ad or show us on your mobile device and we’ll beat it by 10%. Yep, 10%!


  • Price must come from a local bookstore or online retailer.
  • Ad cannot be from peer-to-peer marketplace or aggregator sites.
  • Price advertised has to be for the exact book and edition in our store (including CDs, online access card(s), workbooks, student manuals, etc.).
  • Ad must clearly indicate condition of the book (new, used, sale, or rent).
  • Competitors prices must be valid at the time of purchase and at the time of buyback.
  • Only one(1) unique ISBN can be price-matched and items must currently be in stock with the local competition or online site that is being price-matched.
  • Oh, and we have to charge sales tax, which means the final price could be affected.
  • If you are studying at a remote location, you can either email campusstore@champlain.edu  or call the campus store at (802) 863-8961 and provide the price-match information. Once the price-match is confirmed by the campus store, a web order will be created, the campus store will take your payment information and ship out the books to the desired location.

  • If you find a cheaper price after you bought or rented one of our books, we’ll give you a refund BUT only within 14 days of the original transaction.

  • It’s simple. If you find a better buyback quote on the exact same book and edition you want to sell at a local bookstore or online retailer, just show us the quote in an ad or on your mobile device and we’ll beat it by 10%, as long as it meets the guidelines stated above. You can only get buyback cash for one unique textbook ISBN per guest. Told you it was simple!

  • As for books themselves, we won’t accept anything that’s destroyed–torn, written on, soiled, or water-damaged. Also, books must have all of their components intact as stated in the guidelines above. Take care of your books and we’ll take care of you.