• a professor shows two students a "red" camera
    Production Equipment Rental House

    Located in Durick Hall on South Willard Street, the Production Equipment Rental House supplies Champlain students, faculty, and staff with free media production equipment for class or other academic use. The CCM Production Stages are also available for rent through the Rental House.

    • You can make a reservation via phone or in person, as well as online.

    *Please note that not all media equipment is available to all majors, and you may have to be in a certain class to rent certain equipment. 

  • students individually working on mac computers in a ccm computer lab
    Computer Labs & Printers on Campus

    Can’t find an affordable printer for your room or apartment? Print your work at any of the on-campus printers with a swipe of your Champlain College ID! Printers are located in most of the buildings and computer labs on campus.

    *Please note that some printers require you to supply your own paper if it is not standard 8½” x 11″, and you may need card access for some of the computer labs and buildings.