TAP professor standing at the front of a class, giving a presentation

Center for Learning & Teaching

The Center for Learning & Teaching provides education resources and services like training, orientation, and technology support to all Champlain College faculty members.

Center for Learning & Teaching

95 Summit Street
Burlington, VT 05401
8:30AM – 5PM

8:30AM – 11PM

8:30AM – 8PM

Providing support to all faculty.

The Center for Learning & Teaching (CLT) is excited to aid all faculty in their teaching and professional development. The center gives additional support to new instructors at Champlain, first-time professors, or emerging professionals, but all faculty members of all levels are invited to receive support.

Some of the center’s services include course design, Cavas training, education technology resources, and so much more. You can always make an appointment with the CLT! The center offers in-person consultation as well as virtual meetings.

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