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Office of Community Standards

The Office of Community Standards strives to foster a campus community that protects the health, welfare, safety, property, and rights of all members of our community.

Report a Concern

If you witness behavior that is concerning or goes against our community values, please report the conduct using the following guidance.

Philosophy of the Student Code of Conduct

Champlain College strives to create a physical and intellectual environment in which community members have the freedom to grow, are challenged to realize their full potential, and are guided with insight and understanding toward preparation for roles in one’s profession, one’s community, and in the world as a global citizen.

This Student Code of Conduct has been developed so that community members will know what the College expects of members and, in turn, what members can expect from the College. It aims to balance individual needs with the needs of the College without limiting individual freedom of choice.

In choosing to attend Champlain College, students choose to abide by our Student Code of Conduct, which has been designed for the common good of the institution and all of its members, including its neighbors in the community. The Student Code of Conduct assumes that reasonable people, given adequate information and freedom to decide, can and will make judgments in the best interests of the community. The goal of the Conduct Review Process process is to teach the student why the behavior displayed is unacceptable. As such, sanctioning is designed to be both educational and corrective in nature.

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4 Standards

Four standards guide the Student Code of Conduct and all members of the Champlain College community.

As an educational institution, it is hoped that all community members strive towards the achievement of the following guiding standards, as a hallmark of the Champlain community. These standards form the foundation the Student Code of Conduct is built upon and every member of the Champlain community is expected to exhibit:

  • respect for all students, faculty, and staff including the surrounding community and neighborhood;
  • respect for Champlain’s academic mission and integrity;
  • respect of and compliance with local, state, and Federal laws;
  • respect for Champlain’s physical spaces and electronic information systems.

Champlain College takes its responsibility seriously to help create and maintain a community that safely supports community members in their academic, social, and personal endeavors.

Welcome From the Director

Welcome to the Champlain College community! You’ve chosen an exciting time to join our community and hopefully you will find your Champlain experience rewarding, challenging, and fulfilling. In the Office of Community Standards our team promotes student learning and holistic development by helping create a campus culture of respect, civility, and responsibility.

We strive to create opportunities for students to respect the dignity of all members of the community, to respond with honesty and integrity, and to accept responsibility for their actions. We endeavor to strike a balance between the needs of an individual student and the Champlain community. We believe graduates of Champlain College will take this learning with them into the workplace as engaged global citizens.

As an integral part of the Dean of Students Office, Community Standards helps ensure that each person involved has a fair hearing and can be supported throughout an incident. The community standards process is designed to complement the educational mission of the College by encouraging responsible decision-making through its process, practices, and educational interventions.

Our Office brings together a team of Champlain College professionals who are passionate about helping students work through challenges they may experience in order to achieve and lead a fulfilling, healthy, and positive college experience. This is also a learning experience for all students whether they are a Reporting Party, Responding Party, or a witness to an incident.

The Champlain College Board of Trustees has developed the Student Code of Conduct and authorized the Office of Community Standards to establish and administer it with the purpose of maintaining the general welfare of the College community.

Our Office and team look forward to working with you in seeking and supporting your educational pursuits. Through our work together, we can help inspire all members of the Champlain community to achieve their highest potential.


Dr. Cory M. Davis

Cory Davis
Director, Office of Community Standards
(802) 865-6428

Office of Community Standards

Skiff Hall
163 South Willard St.
Burlington, VT 05401
Monday – Friday
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