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Get Involved

We encourage all students to get involved with the Office of Diversity & Inclusion. Engaging with the community will help you find your sense of belonging here at Champlain College.

Benefits of Getting Involved

Get Connected

Champlain has a wide variety of programs, campus groups, and student organizations. The more you engage, the more you’ll love it here. Getting involved is a great way to make friends and form your sense of home at Champlain. You can even create your own campus group that promotes inclusion, equity, and cultural identity.

The more you engage, the more you’ll love it here. Getting involved is a great way to make friends and form your sense of home at Champlain.

Explore New Things

Discover campus services that can provide support and open doors to horizon-expanding opportunities, resources, and workshops to help you succeed.

Navigate Culture Shock

Connect with faculty, staff, and mentors who will help you adjust, thrive, and build a strong network and community at Champlain.

Find a Sense of Identity

There are resources to help you navigate your identity journey and provide support for developing a positive sense of self.

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    Brotherhood & Sisterhood Brunches

    Each semester, the Office of Diversity & Inclusion hosts gatherings called Brotherhood Brunch and Sisterhood Brunch. These events invite people of color to join an intergenerational discourse. Students, faculty, staff, and community members enjoy brunch together and discuss topics relevant to their intersecting identities.

    Learn About Brotherhood Brunch Learn About Sisterhood Brunch
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    Cultural Heritage Programming

    The ODI recognizes the importance of highlighting different cultures in a conscious way through our programming. We host recurring programming for a variety of holidays, celebrations, and observances. Students are encouraged to reach out to suggest programming, or to collaborate with us on hosting a program for the community.

    For example, every year for Día de los Muertos, the ODI partners with the Champlain College Art Gallery to set up an altar where students can leave ofrendas for loved ones. This is paired with education for people who are unfamiliar with the observance. The ODI also regularly hosts trivia, bingo, and art programs for history months and observances such as Black History Month, Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month, Hispanic Heritage Month, and more.

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    Education Empowerment

    Education Empowerment is an opportunity for faculty, staff, student leaders, and community partners to engage with students outside of a traditional office setting. Session hosts schedule regular time to drop in to the ODI and interact with the community, while also being available as a resource for students.

    Each session host has an area of expertise that can support students, from research and writing support, math tutoring, public speaking and presentations, to career and financial advice. In addition to professional and academic benefits, Education Empowerment allows students to get familiar with campus support, building relationships and making it easier for those students to seek out help.

The ODI is what I identify as a safe haven towards minorities such as myself. Being a Dominican/Ecuadorian student at Champlain College, it can be very difficult blending in and adapting to the culture here. However, the Office of Diversity & Inclusion has given me that opportunity and chance to let me be myself in a comfortable, respectful, and uplifting environment.
Joshua Leon Mejia, ’24

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