Our financial aid staff awards scholarships based on your level of achievement, need, and other characteristics.

You are automatically considered for most scholarships when you apply. However, if you want to be considered for need-based aid, you must submit a FAFSA, which allows the College to enroll the brightest, most engaged students regardless of family income. Only the Pathways Scholarship requires the submission of a supplemental nomination form.

Champlain scholarships are generously supported by individuals and organizations that believe deeply in Champlain’s mission and are committed to recognizing student academic achievement and need.


You are automatically considered for one of Champlain’s merit-based scholarships based on your admissions application and do not need to apply for them separately. These scholarships focus on students who exemplify excellence in academics and engagement outside the classroom—traits that reflect our outstanding students and faculty.

If you have notable academic achievement and/or extracurricular accomplishments, you may be offered one of our many merit scholarships. In 2022/2023 Champlain awarded over $28M in Merit Scholarships that do not need to be repaid.

  • Trustee Scholarship: top 10% of the incoming first-year class, up to $25k per year
  • Presidential Scholarship: top 25% of the incoming first-year class, up to $22k per year
  • Provost Scholarship: up to $20,000 per year
  • Dean Scholarship: up to $17,500 per year
  • Faculty Scholarship: up to $10,000 per year
  • Transfer Scholarship: up to $10,000 per year

Additional Merit-Based Scholarships

  • The Division of Communication & Creative Media (CCM) values and rewards the academic and creative talents of students in our major programs through a variety of college and industry-sponsored scholarships and fellowships. We encourage eligible students to take advantage of these opportunities to support tuition and other educational expenses.

    Visit the Division of Communication & Creative Media for details about CCM Scholarships.

  • A renewable four-year program that supports students pursuing a degree in Cybersecurity, Digital Forensics, Computer Science & Innovation, and Data Analytics. Annually, scholars receive a $10,000 merit-based scholarship-for a total of $40,000 over four years-and guaranteed employment in the Leahy Center once they meet certain employment requirements.

    Students with academic achievement and demonstrated interest such as participation in clubs and organizations while in high school, attaining certifications related to their major, and participating in a summer program will be considered. Up to 20 students will be accepted into the program every year.

  • The Miller Scholarship is awarded to full-time, first-year traditional undergraduate students in the School of Social Innovation with significant involvement in community service. Miller Scholarship recipients are selected by the Champlain College Office of Admissions based on the community service activities listed on the student’s application for admission.

  • The Sarah E. Ramsey ’12 Scholarship is awarded annually to a rising sophomore or current junior student who exemplifies Sarah’s qualities, including her drive, determination, passion for their profession, creative and critical thinking, individuality, and thirst to experience all life has to offer. Students who have demonstrated strong academic performance should consider applying for this scholarship to expand their professional and international experiences through study abroad or an overseas internship program.

    Visit the Office of Institutional Advancement for more information about the Sarah E. Ramsey ’12 Scholarship.

Need-based Scholarships

Champlain College understands that educational goals and financial capabilities aren’t always aligned. Our need-based scholarships offer prospective students the possibility of achieving their goals removing financial concerns from the equation.

  • Aligned with Champlain’s goal to create an inclusive, equitable, and diverse community. This scholarship aims to empower students who strive to live out these values, enhancing their exploration and pursuit of academic and professional interests by covering the full cost of attending Champlain College when combined with federal and state assistance.

    Learn more about the Pathways Scholarship.

  • A need-based scholarship for Vermont’s refugee and asylum students. Recipients must be eligible for a Federal Pell Grant. This scholarship covers tuition, less the student’s expected family contribution and any federal and state grants the student receives.

    Visit the Office of Institutional Advancement for details about the New American Student Scholarship.

  • A scholarship for Pell-eligible, Vermont residents who are single parents participating in the Champlain College Single Parents Program. This scholarship is designed to ease tuition expenses for parenting students.

    Visit the Office of Institutional Advancement for details about the Single Parent Scholarship.

  • Targeted at first-generation college-bound high school seniors from Vermont, recipients must be full-time traditional students and eligible for a Federal Pell Grant. This scholarship, in combination with the expected family contribution, federal and state programs (to include work-study, student loans, grants, and other gift aid), will provide funding up to the full cost of attendance at Champlain College. Vermont First Generation Scholarship recipients must remain in campus housing to qualify for the full award.

    Visit the Office of Institutional Advancement for details about the Vermont First Generation Scholarship.

Scholarships & Aid with Specific Eligibility Requirements

Some scholarships are available only to students who meet certain requirements.

Transfer Scholarships

Military Scholarships & Educational Benefits

Outside Scholarships

Often created for students with particular interests, backgrounds, or goals, scholarships can be based on merit (academic excellence or extracurricular achievements) or demonstrated financial need. Contact your local civic, professional, religious, community organizations, or your high school guidance counselor to ask about available scholarships.

If you receive an outside scholarship, your Champlain College scholarship will not be reduced, in most cases. However, tuition benefits, tuition exchange, and military/veterans’ benefits are not considered outside scholarships and could impact your eligibility for additional Champlain scholarships.

Endowed Scholarships

Endowed or “named” scholarships are funded by generous gifts from alumni and friends of Champlain College. The funds are awarded each year to students who meet the donors’ designated criteria. Qualifications and award amounts vary, but the determination of the award is generally based on financial need.

Students applying for financial aid are automatically considered for these funds, based on the information provided in the student’s application.

Federal & State Grants

Grants typically do not need to be paid back except in certain cases so they are like free money to help cover your educational expenses!

A grant can come from the federal or state government, an outside organization, or your school. Grants typically do not need to be paid back except for in certain cases, such as withdrawal from your degree program.

For the most detailed and up-to-date information on the federal aid programs listed below, visit the Department of Education’s website at studentaid.gov.

  • Federal Pell Grant: The Pell Grant, a need-based fund awarded to undergraduate students, does not have to be repaid. The grant amount is based on the FAFSA Expected Family Contribution (EFC).
  • Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant (SEOG): The Federal SEOG grant is awarded to Pell Grant recipients with exceptional financial need and it does not have to be repaid. The grant amount is based on available funding.

State Grant Programs

State grant programs offer assistance based on residency, financial need, and academic performance.

Vermont State Grant

The Vermont State Grant is a need-based grant administered by the Vermont Student Assistance Corporation (VSAC) to Vermont residents and does not have to be repaid. The amount listed on your offer letter is Champlain College’s estimate of your VSAC award and is subject to change. Final grant amounts are determined by VSAC based on financial need and state appropriations. Funds are posted to your account after enrollment is verified and payment is received from VSAC. To receive funding, you must complete a Vermont Grant application at vsac.org.

Residents of Other States

Residents of Massachusetts and Pennsylvania who are eligible for a state grant can use those funds to attend Champlain, so be sure to follow the application process to receive state funds.

Residents of other states should contact their state grant agency to complete any required forms and determine possible eligibility. State grant amounts listed on your offer letter are Champlain College’s estimate of your state grant eligibility and are subject to change. Final grant amounts are determined by your state grant agency based on financial need and state appropriations. Funds are posted to the student’s account after enrollment is verified and payment is received from your state grant agency.

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